How to Set Up Cox Panoramic WiFi?

Configure Cox Panoramic WiFi Internet

If you are looking to set up Cox Panoramic WiFi for your home or office, you can use the steps provided below to access the admin portal for configuring or changing the name and password of the WiFi network for the below-mentioned gateways. NOTE: To set up Panoramic WiFi Gateway, there are three ways to … Read more

How to Setup Netgear WiFi Extender?

Configure Netgear WiFi Booster setup

If you are experiencing an issue receiving the range of your WiFi internet in your home, you can consider going for a WiFi extender from Netgear. Your NETGEAR WiFi extender allows you to expand the network of your home WiFi by connecting to your existing WiFi network and boosting coverage. To know how to set … Read more

What Modems are Compatible with Optimum Online?

Modems are Compatible with Optimum

If you have recently purchased the Optimum Online subscription for your internet requirement but haven’t purchased a compatible Modem for it, you can follow the information provided in this guide. When looking to make the most of your Optimum Online internet services, it is important to install the most compatible modem. Below, you can find … Read more

How to Change Mediacom Wifi Password?

change mediacom wifi password

When you purchase a Mediacom bundle subscription, you are most likely to also receive a Mediacom modem and router to gain access to uninterrupted cable TV, Phone, and Internet services. With a Mediacom bundle subscription, you will be able to access uninterrupted internet services on any of your internet-enabled devices. One thing to be noted … Read more

How to Access My Mediacom Router?

login Access My Mediacom Router

Mediacom is known for offering reliable network service in more than 22 states in the US. The company is quite popular among small businesses and households. In addition to the internet, Mediacom is also known for providing several other products and accessories such as a router. The Mediacom internet and router when used together can … Read more

Best WiFi Router for Long Range

It has become quite important to get an affordable long-range Wi-Fi router in your home or office to get better speed and sufficient coverage. People generally experience poor network issues in homes and offices due to the unfavorable layouts. Plus, since the outbreak of coronavirus, the majority of individuals are working from home, school children … Read more

How to Use Your Own Router With At&T Fiber?

use your own router att fiber

If you are an old AT&T Fiber user, you must know that the company didn’t allow the use of third-party routers. However, AT&T has now mended the rules and lets users connect with their internet services using any compatible router. If you are looking to use AT&T Fiber internet service and you have a router, … Read more

Why is My WiFi So Slow On My Phone?

slow wifi over phone

The mobility of the internet has been significantly widened by smartphones. While the introduction of WiFi allowed users to connect their devices wirelessly, the advent of smartphones has brought almost all the essential features of the computer to the palm of the users. Whether one wants to make online money transfers, bill payment, send emails, … Read more

How to Connect Google Home to Wifi?

google home to wifi

The remarkable range of Google Home comprises interactive speakers of different sizes and designs that are managed by Google Assistant, an artificial intelligence (AI) that responds to the different commands of the users. However, to make a Google Home listen to the commands, a user first needs to connect it to the Wi-Fi network of … Read more