10 Common Wi-Fi Problems and How to Fix?

wifi not working

One or the other time, you may face issues with your WiFi network. While some of these issues get fixed with little know-how, then there are some problems that may require you to seek assistance from a professional. If you are facing issues like slow speed, connectivity error, password recovery, etc. below we have provided … Read more

5 Tips To Find Free Wi-Fi Hotspots?

Find Wi-Fi Hotspots

The most basic way to find accessible Wi-Fi hotspots around you is to browse nearby networks from your operating devices such as phone, tablet, or laptop. However, if you are planning a trip, it’s wise to rely on hotels, airports, coffee shops, restaurants, internet cafes, and much more that offer free or paid wireless internet … Read more

WiFi Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Configuration

WiFi doesnt have a valid IP configuration

If you are seeing a “WiFi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration” error on your Windows computer, there can be numerous reasons responsible for causing the problem. Below are some of the common workarounds that can help you overcome the error. Different Measures to Clear “WiFi Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Configuration” Error Message Consider … Read more

How to Connect to 2.4 GHz WiFi on iPhone?

connect to 2.4 ghz wifi iphone

2.4 GHz and 5GHz are the two different wavelengths (generally known as bands or frequencies) often used by the majority of the routers to transmit wireless internet connections. As both these frequencies have their pluses and minuses, you may want to use one of them depending on your preference. The main difference between both bands … Read more