Things You Need to Know About Local Loop Unbundling

Local Loop Unbundling

Restoring Internet Freedom Order of 2018 by the Federal Communications Commission laid a framework providing Increased Transparency, strong consumer protection, and elimination of unnecessary regulations. By establishing this order, the FCC wanted to secure the open Internet and offer cheaper, faster Internet access for both households and businesses. In order to facilitate the order, they … Read more

Which is Better Comcast or Centurylink?

Xfinity vs CenturyLink

If you are confused between using Comcast or Centurylink internet connection for your home or office use, the following comparison may help in clearing the picture for helping you make the best decision. NOTE: The following comparison is for the internet services offered by both Comcast and CenturyLink. While CenturyLink offers its internet services with … Read more

How To Cancel Verizon Internet Service?

cancel verizon internet service

Although Verizon internet services are appreciated for their uninterrupted services, however, if you are having an issue with their service in respect to speed, connectivity, or reliability, you may want to cancel your Verizon internet connection. Depending on the tenure of your Verizon contract, the cancellation process can be a bit costly affair. This is … Read more

How To Cancel Dish Internet Service?

cancel dish service

Canceling your Dish Network satellite TV service may seem easy but it is not so. You may think that calling 888-283-2309 (for the US) and saying that you wish to terminate the service is all your need to do. However, like every other service provider, DISH would also want to retain you as a customer; … Read more

How to Cancel Verizon FiOS?

Cancel Verizon FiOS Service

Whether you are looking to switch your internet service provider, moving from your location, or just want to stop your Verizon FiOS service without any reason, you can easily do the needful either online or call Verizon customer support. To know how to cancel Verizon FiOS services, you can follow the information provided below. Guide … Read more