How To Cancel Verizon Internet Service?

cancel verizon internet service

Although Verizon internet services are appreciated for their uninterrupted services, however, if you are having an issue with their service in respect to speed, connectivity, or reliability, you may want to cancel your Verizon internet connection. Depending on the tenure of your Verizon contract, the cancellation process can be a bit costly affair. This is because if you have a two-year contract with Verizon, canceling it may cost a substantial amount compared to a month-to-month plan. To know how to cancel Verizon’s internet service in both cases, follow the information provided below.

Guide to Cancel Verizon Internet

Canceling a Two-Year Contract

Like most of the other internet service providers, Verizon also does not offer its 2-year contract currently, however, if you have such a contract, you will need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

Is it Possible to Cancel the Verizon Internet Contract Online?

One of the ways to terminate your Verizon internet plan is by reaching out to your nearest Verizon store in person. You can also get it canceled by calling Verizon’s customer service phone number. You are most likely to be prompted to verify your identity as the rightful owner of the service. In order to cancel by phone, you will need to call on Verizon’s cancellation phone number – 1 844 837 2262.

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Fees That You Will Need to Pay for Canceling Your Two-Year Contract

The factors that would determine the type of penalties you’ll need to pay for terminating your Verizon service may differ from case to case. These factors usually include the time remaining in the contract, whether you have also purchased a phone from Verizon, any additional features are included, etc.

Will There Be Any Billing Charge?

Depending on your billing cycle, you may or may not have to pay for whatever is remaining in the month when you are looking to cancel the service, no matter if it is the first day of the new billing cycle.

Will there be Any Early Termination Fees (ETF)?

Depending on how far you are into your Verizon agreement, you may or may not be charged early termination fees. In case your plan has just started, you are most likely to face a $350 charge. Generally, this ETF usually decreases by $15 for each completed month.

However, if you terminate your plan within 14 days of signing up, you should be able to cancel it without any charges, however, make sure to return the devices undamaged, and in working condition. In most cases, you are likely to be charged with a $50 restocking fee. If you have good consoling skill and your customer service representative is generous, you might be able to get this waived off.

Device/Equipment Charges

Verizon, at their discretion, states that they reserve the right to decline the return of their device anytime. Also, you might be asked to pay for the missing components in case you do not return the device that came with the original box. So, it is recommended to keep everything safe until you have at least crossed the 14 days.

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Separating Lines from a Shared Plan

Verizon applies Early Termination Fees (ETC) for each line of service. This means that if someone is leaving the plan to have their account, try not to cancel their lines immediately. Instead, you can consider requesting an Assumption of Liability as it will allow you to simply move their services to a new account, with a new name. This will help you to make a better saving in the long run. To do so, you will need to visit a Verizon store or call the Verizon customer service line at 1 800 922 0204.

Canceling Postpaid, Contract-Free Service

Is It Possible to Terminate a Postpaid Agreement Online?

To terminate a postpaid agreement, you will need to visit a store or call Verizon’s cancellation line at 1 844 837 2262. Although it might seem annoying, it will ensure that a Verizon customer service representative can verify your personal information and check unwanted access and changes to the account.

Fees That Will Need to Be Paid to Cancel Month-to-Month Agreement

In contrast to a two-year internet plan, no early termination fee is charged for terminating a month-to-month agreement with Verizon. You are just bounded for the current billing cycle, including the remaining balance of devices you have financed with your plan. In case you are close to your two-year contract, this could help you save money over an ETF. However, if you just got the phone, this is more likely to cost you significantly.

Is it Possible to Keep the Phone Number?

If you are planning to start fresh with a new phone number, it is suggested that you do not close your account with Verizon before you switch to a different carrier. Instead, it is recommended to ask a Verizon customer service representative for your Verizon account number and PIN. This way your new carrier will be able to use that information to begin a number transfer request. Doing so will end your service with Verizon automatically.

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NOTE: Make sure to keep any associated paperwork, bills, and receipts from Verizon ready before you switch.

So, these are the steps that you will need to follow to cancel your Verizon internet plan

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