How To Cancel Dish Internet Service?

cancel dish service

Canceling your Dish Network satellite TV service may seem easy but it is not so. You may think that calling 888-283-2309 (for the US) and saying that you wish to terminate the service is all your need to do. However, like every other service provider, DISH would also want to retain you as a customer; and for that, you might be offered extra benefits. Well, if you have made up your mind and wish to cancel the DISH internet service, be ready to face some hassle and follow the information provided below.

Guide to Cancel DISH Internet Service

  1. Make Sue to Figure Out That You Are 100% Sure to Terminate DISH Service

If you are canceling the service because of the bills getting higher, you may consider threatening with cancellation. This way you are most likely to get a concession on your bill, and you might also get added benefits such as more internet speed, an additional period at no extra cost, etc. However, if there is no billing or any other issue with the DISH service, but still wishes to cancel the service, you can proceed with the next step.

  1. Gather Your Account Information

To begin with the cancellation process, you will first need to gather your account information. To do that, you will first need to get a copy of your recent DISH internet bill. You can also arrange the original customer agreement (if you have). Make sure to note your service address, account number, service start date. Once you have gathered all these details, you will need to call the DISH network at 888-283-2309. During the call, it is strongly recommended to take notes, such as names of each representative each person you speak to, procedure, charges, and other information.

  1. Go Through The Information Carefully To Avoid Early Termination Fee

ETFs (Early Termination Fee) are quite common when users go for a 2-year contract offered by Dish Network. In case you are looking to terminate the DISH service before the completion of your contract, you are most likely to pay $20 per month for the remaining period along with administrative fees. For example, if your package period is remaining for six months, you will need to pay  $120  excluding administrative fees.

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In certain cases, you may avoid the Early Termination Fee by explaining the breach of contract on their side. For example, in case you have frequently experienced outages or poor service, you might be provided relaxation on the ETF. Make sure to be a bit resilient and polite when looking to get ETF avoided. However, if you are closer to the end of your contract, you can wait for the contract to get exhausted and get it terminated then.

  1. Dialing DISH Network Customer Service

To get your DISH internet service disconnected, you will first need to dial 888 283 2309 (for the USA) to contact Dish Network Customer Service. You will then need to choose English or Spanish language to proceed further. Then, simply follow the on-call prompts to get to the correct department. Although DISH Network provides the option to cancel the service via email at [email protected], it’s just a theoretical option, and ultimately you will need to connect to the DISH customer support by phone.

NOTE: In case you wish to suspend your service temporarily, you will need to call 888-876-7918.

  1. State Your Reason to Cancel

Once you get connected to the DISH care representative, you will need to quickly and clearly state your decision to terminate. Make sure to note down the name of the executive attending your call. The representative will try to get additional information regarding your account, and while doing so, they will try to grab weak spots in your resolve which can they can utilize to their advantage. They will try to offer additional benefits, reduce billing, etc.

  1. Stick to Your Decision

Regardless of the offerings, they are enticing you with, you will simply need to repeat the things such as “Thank you for your offers but I have made my mind to terminate the service, kindly help me to do so”. The representative will try to be more persistent as they get commissions for each cancellation they stop — however, make sure to more resilient than them while remaining calm. If they seem to be crossing the line, you can ask to speak to a supervisor. Make sure to keep the names and details of your call experience.

  1. Make Sure to Assure Verbally that Equipment Will Be Returned

Before hanging up the phone after the confirmation of the cancellation request, make sure to get assurance from the agent that DISH send you the equipment recovery box within the next couple of days. Generally, you are provided 10 days from the cancellation date to return any equipment you have from them. In case 5 or 6 days have passed and you don’t receive a return box or an email regarding it, make sure to call the DISH customer service right away and ensure that it reaches you at the earliest. You can refer to the notes you would have taken during the cancellation earlier.

  1. Put the Equipment in the Return Box Carefully

Once you get the return box to your address, make sure to go through the packing instructions (if any) before you put all the equipment in the box. If you follow the direction, you are most likely to put everything in the box easily and without any kind of damage during the transportation. Make sure to attach the return label on the outside of the box and schedule a pickup from the delivery service. It would be better if you capture photos or videos of the equipment you are returning. The box must be picked up within 10 days of the cancellation; otherwise, you might have to pay tack penalty charges.

  1. Check Your Mail for The Confirmation of Cancellation

After the equipment has been returned to the DISH successfully, check your registered email account for the confirmation message. The message will have all the information regarding the cancellation. Make sure to go through it carefully.

  1. Check the Statement

When going through the cancellation message in your email, make sure to check the statement for all the charges that the company has levied. If you find any unexpected charges in the statement, you can reach DISH customer support for assistance. Make sure to keep all notes you took earlier during the cancellation request.

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So, these are the steps that you will need to follow to cancel DISH internet service.

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    • Ronald, It is very frustrating. We have been without DISH internet service since approximately 2/23/23. Their excuse for the longest for not canceling is their Cyber Security issue and they could not get to my account. We sent a written request with our March bill and still have not received a response. I have currently been on hold again for 20 minutes now…good luck!


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