5 Tips To Find Free Wi-Fi Hotspots?

The most basic way to find accessible Wi-Fi hotspots around you is to browse nearby networks from your operating devices such as phone, tablet, or laptop. However, if you are planning a trip, it’s wise to rely on hotels, airports, coffee shops, restaurants, internet cafes, and much more that offer free or paid wireless internet access (Wi-Fi Hotspots).

Whether you are searching for a publicly accessible Wi-Fi network or looking for a hotspot, you can always power up your handling device and search for a network by accessing a WiFi finder app on your smartphone to see if any networks are available nearby.

Find Wi-Fi Hotspots

How to find Wi-Fi Hotspots at your nearby locations.

#1 Explore Wi-Fi Locations

The most promising yet popular free WiFi locations are cafés, coffee shops, restaurants, buses, trains, libraries, galleries, and other places because they typically allow everyone to join or connect their network. Some of these places are free, while some can pay a little.

So just take a stroll to any of those places around you with your smartphone and take a seat to enjoy the WiFi-filled air.

#2 Access Hotspot Database

For all the WiFi enthusiasts out there who consciously add relevant locations to their preferred platforms such as OpenWiFiSpots. Well, you can use OpenWiFiSpots, Wi-Fi Space, and Boingo to fulfill your needs and purposes.

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#3 Use Open WiFi Spots

OpenWiFiSpots is a free web-based platform that contains the complete directory of WiFi hotspots continually updated by its users. You can easily search for several free WiFi locations in places like coffee houses, airports, hotels in New York, fast food restaurants, public parks, etc.

#4 Make Use of Wi-Fi Space

Wi-Fi Space is an online directory where you can choose Wi-Fi hotspots by searching for cities, browsing its location catalog, or interacting directly with its color-coded map. The green signal signifies the Wi-Fi network is free to use, yellow signifies private networks, and the red signal signifies the private networks with unknown passwords.

#5 Use Wi-Fi Finder Apps

You can use Wi-Fi Finder apps such as Avast Wi-Fi Finder or Wi-Fi Map to find hotspots in the streets of the USA and abroad. By default, both the applications can be automatically identified in your current location, and you can choose a different spot by typing the locale in the search field.

The websites and apps given above offer an easy way to search through these public places to find Wi-Fi hotspots. Some of them ask for the password if the network is private, however, most of them catalog hotspots are completely free for the public.

Hope this article helps you to locate or find Wi-Fi hotspots around you more easily.

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