What Channel Is ABC on DirecTV?

The No. 1 digital satellite entertainment service provider, DirecTV, has evolved over the years. The service provider delivers the best live and on-demand TV streaming through its half-a-dozen subscription plans – that certainly meet everyone’s entertainment needs. It uses state-of-the-art satellite technology to reach out to its users in urban and remote areas and keeps them entertained with countless channels that offer best-in-class content.

One such household channel available on DirecTV is the American Broadcasting Company – ABC. The commercial broadcast TV channel is home to shows like Modern Family, Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, NYPD Blue, and Lost. If you are excited to stream all these fantastic programs and more on your big TV screen, you must learn what channel is ABC on DirecTV. Sneak peek into this guide to know how to find out the channel that your family loves.

What You Need to Know about American Broadcasting Company (ABC)

The flagship property of Walt Disney Television, ABC, has come a long way. Flaunting a storied history, ABC has managed to keep boredom at bay by delivering programs of all genres that “serve all tastes, moods, and age groups.” Drama, comedy, reality TV, and hit movies – there ain’t a reason why you shouldn’t fall in love with ABC.

Are you already a fan of American Broadcasting Company? Want to watch popular shows like Women of the Movement, Threes Company, The Bachelor, Happy Days, Abbott Elementary, Judge Steve Harvey, and Perfect Strangers? The good news is you won’t wait too long to immerse yourself in these awesome sitcoms and shows. All you have to do is get in the mood, call your friends over, and get ready to crack your funny bone. We will walk you through this guide to let you know what channel ABC is on DirecTV.

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What Channel Is ABC on DirecTV

Here’s a city-state-wise classification of the ABC channel on DirecTV. Take a quick look to save your time and energy.

  • New York City (City), New York (State): Channel No. 7
  • Houston, Texas: 13
  • San Antonio, Texas: 12
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 6
  • Dallas, Texas: 8
  • Chicago, Illinois: 7
  • Los Angeles (City), California (State): Channel No. 7
  • Phoenix, Arizona: 15
  • Fort Worth, Texas: 8
  • Charlotte, North Carolina: 9
  • Columbus, Ohio: 6
  • San Diego, California: 10
  • Austin, Texas: 24
  • San Jose, California: 7
  • San Francisco, California: 7
  • Washington DC: 7
  • Seattle, Washington State: 4
  • Nashville, Tennessee: 2
  • Boston, Massachusetts: 5
  • Sacramento, California: 10
  • Fresno, California: 30
  • Atlanta, Georgia: 2
  • Mesa, Arizona: 15
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado: 13
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: 5
  • Detroit, Michigan: 7
  • Louisville, Kentucky: 11
  • Memphis, Tennessee: 24
  • Tucson, Arizona: 9
  • Baltimore, Maryland: 2
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico: 7
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin: 12
  • Kansas City, Missouri: 9
  • New Orleans, Las Angeles: 2
  • Oakland, California: 7
  • Miami, Florida: 10
  • Arlington, Texas: 8
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota: 5
  • Tampa, Florida: 28

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Why DirecTV (Lucrative Packages and Perks)

What better way to watch your favorite programs on your TV than subscribing to a DirecTV package (mainly if you live in a remote area)? One of the two big names in the U.S. markets when it comes to choosing the best satellite services, DirecTV never misses an opportunity to pamper its customers with the broadest entertainment options. You can watch lifestyle programs, sports, news, even teen drama, and more. There’s a perfect channel to satiate your entertainment thirst. Here are some DirecTV perks available at your disposal.

  • An ever-revolving library with more than 65,000 on-demand titles.
  • Can’t-miss local sports and news.
  • No annual contract, no hidden fees, and flexible month-to-month subscriptions.
  • Along with ABC, you get access to over 7,000 apps like Prime Video, Netflix, and HBO Max.
  • Four streaming packages – Choice, Entertainment, Ultimate, and Premier.
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