What Channel Is CBS on DirecTV?

CBS is one of the largest television broadcasting companies in the United States. Stands for its former legal name, Columbia Broadcasting System, CBS has achieved the mighty status by broadcasting solid programming – a great mix of drama, reality TV, and comedy, ultimately winning millions of hearts across the nation. Also, it has a dedicated sports channel for sports enthusiasts. If you haven’t added CBS to your TV, one easy way to do that is to subscribe to a satellite provider. DirecTV comes to mind instantaneously. A valid subscription to one of DirecTV’s plans will bring you all the actions right to your cozy living room.

Home to shows like The Guardian, Gun Smoke, Elementary, The Big Bang Theory, Big Brother, MacGyver, S.W.A.T, and more, CBS, doubtlessly, packs a punch that weighs heavier than its competitors. This is why it is easily one of the top networks on TV. Since you have a subscription to DirecTV, you must be inquiring what channel CBS is on DirecTV. In this guide, we will clear those airs and tell you how you can easily navigate to your favorite channel to enjoy a great mix of reality TV, drama, and comedy.

Why DirecTV?

Before directly shedding some light on what channel CBS is on DirecTV, we believe it would be wise to talk about DirecTV and its top-notch packages and features to inculcate some essential information.

CBS and DirecTV go hand-in-hand. We say so because CBS is available on the packages of DirecTV – ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE, ULTIMATE, and PREMIER. Here’s what each package has to offer –

  • Entertainment: The ENTERTAINMENT package is the starter package. At just $64.99/ month, you get to enjoy more than 160 channels. CBS is available in this package.
  • Choice: The CHOICE plan also boasts the CBS channel – although it is a can’t-miss sports package. You pay $69.99/ month to stream over 185 channels. Apart from CBS, you get 2021 and 2022 seasons of NFL Sunday Ticket at no extra cost.
  • Ultimate: If you choose the ULTIMATE package, be assured of streaming some of the must-see blockbusters. This ultimate package is available for $84.99/ month.
  • Premier: Don’t want to miss a thing? DirecTV’s PREMIER package has more than 330 channels on offer. Apart from CBS, you will get all the sports channels at no extra cost. The PREMIER plan costs only $134.99/ month.
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Besides superior entertainment, you also get to enjoy 200 hours of Genie HD DVR service, 50,000 titles on-demand, and an app to watch TV everywhere.

What Channel Is CBS on DirecTV

What Channel Is CBS on DirecTV

Unless you know what channel is CBS on DirecTV, it becomes pretty monotonous as well as tiresome finding out your favorite channel. To facilitate your TV-watching experience, our experts have done the homework for you. Without sneaking in here & there, let us guide you on locating the CBS channel in different cities and states in the United States.

  • Atlanta (City), Georgia (State): Channel Number 46
  • Boise (Idaho): 2
  • Colorado Springs (Colorado): 11
  • Chicago (Illinois): 2
  • Cleveland (Ohio): 19
  • Houston (TX): 11
  • Kansas City (Missouri): 5
  • Miami (Florida): 4
  • New York City (City), New York (State): Channel Number 2
  • Los Angeles (City), California (State): Channel Number 2
  • Phoenix (Arizona): 5
  • El Paso (Texas): 4
  • Las Vegas (Nevada): 2
  • San Antonio (Texas): 5
  • San Diego (California): 8
  • Seattle (Washington State): 7
  • Tucson (Arizona): 13

What to Watch on CBS

Catch up on the latest full episodes of S.W.A.T., NCIS: Los Angeles, The Equalizer, 60 Minutes, CBS Evening News, Face The Nation, Sunday Morning, and SEAL Team or you can watch the trending shows such as FBI, Ghosts, SURVIVOR, ADELE One Night Only, and more. CBS never misses a chance to impress its millions of subscribers.

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What Channel Is CBS Sports on DIRECTV

CBS Sports is a standalone service available with the ULTIMATE and PREMIER subscription plans. You can locate it on channel number 221 across the United States.

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