DIRECTV Facilitates TV services at its best

DIRECTV brings you the joy of an exceptional entertainment experience by offering 200+ HD channels and exclusive 4K channels with 99% signal reliability.

More About DIRECTV Services

  • Get standard professional installation at your doorsteps
  • Access 155+ to 330+ channels with One Genie® HD DVR, and the monthly DVR fee included
  • Record up to five shows at once with a store-up facility for up to 200 hours of HD programming
  • 10,000 plus On Demand titles

Access TV and internet together with DIRECTV Services

Shop DIRECTV plus internet connection and home phone services from the top-most providers in your area. Available internet plans might vary by location preference. Call today for DIRECTV bundle offers and enjoy unlimited fun for your home.

DIRECTV Joy of Bundles

DIRECTV SELECT™ All Included + AT&T internet network starts at $89.99/month

  • Access 155+ channels
  • Internet speeds ranging up to 100 Mbps with One Genie® HD DVR included
  • Find and experience the Premium channels included for three months

Stream On Demand and Live Channels with AT&T TV NOW

Want to view live TV shows and sports channels? AT&T TV NOW (formerly known as DIRECTV NOW) gives you the best outcomes with seven channel packages, plus add-ons option for premium and international channels, making the company the top choice amongst all.

Quick Glance About AT&T TV NOW

  • Instantly access upon purchase with 40+ to 125+ channels
  • Stream up to one or two devices at once
  • Accessing the recording facility for up to 20 hours of live TV
  • No physically contract required

DIRECTV services at a glance

We make shopping for TV and internet service networking simply by bringing you the accurate information which you need to require and choosing the best services for your home. We’ve taken a close look at DIRECTV, including its availability, pricing, channel selection, and customer satisfaction ratings, to give you a better idea of what you can expect from DIRECTV.

How does DIRECTV stand out in the crowd? Here’s our take

The DIRECTV services are accessed on the basis of Availability, Pricing, Channel selection, and customer satisfaction.

  • Availability – DIRECTV is available anywhere in the U.S. AT&T TV NOW fills the gaps where traditional DIRECTV satellite and TV service is unavailable or prohibited to access.
  • Pricing – Talking about its pricing range, DIRECTV is comparatively cheaper and on the budget of other TV services. However, DIRECTV pricing typically increases after the amendment of the first year of subscription.
  • Channel selection – DIRECTV services offers six main TV packages with channel counts ranging from 155+ to 330+ premium channels. You can also add international and sports packages, including the DIRECTV-exclusive NFL SUNDAY TICKET.
  • Customer satisfaction – The American Customer Satisfaction Index ranked the services of DIRECTV higher than all cable companies for 18 years in a row, with a 66/100 in the year 2019.

Features of DIRECTV

  • Standard professional installation services – A professional technician will handle all the processes related to equipment setup at no extra cost. Once you choose a package, simply pick out your preferred installation date and time, and the technician will take it from there.
  • Extensive movie options – Here, at DIRECTV, the company provides lots of options to boost up your movie library, including a robust On Demand selection, premium channels, and much more. More than this, clients love to get 4K channels for Ultra-HD entertainment.
  • AT&T TV NOW – AT&T TV NOW gives you the full-fledged TV experience, which is complete with live TV, premium channels, and DVR capabilities without having a sign-in contract.

Comparison DIRECTV vs. Other Providers

DIRECTV is a prominent option for TV service providers in your selected area. If you are interested in other satellite television options, contact our customer executives and compare the services within your locality.

Cable TV service providers including Cox, Spectrum and Xfinity may also be available in your area. Find the best providers and packages by comparing the product and choose what’s best for you.

Call DIRECTV and pick up your package

Do you have added your favorite channels to the must-have list? Let our TV experts know about your requirements, and we will surely support and set you the services with the best DIRECTV package for your home. More than this, you can also add a high-speed internet connection, a home phone, and much more to your package. Call now for orders.

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