List of Best Unlimited Internet Plans for Home

unlimited internet plan for home

A limited internet plan for your home is as good as its data limit. Once the data gets exhausted, you either have to compromise for the low-speed internet until the next cycle begins or boost your plan with data limit to not let your work or entertainment get spoiled.

While such adjustments and alternatives may help you tackle your internet speed, however, the best possible and permanent solution is to switch to an unlimited internet plan for your home. Not only does an unlimited internet plan allows you to make the most of your internet activities but also avoid the surcharges that you might be paying for exceeding the data limit with your limited internet plan. So, if you are looking for some unlimited internet plans for your home, you may consider the options provided below.

Internet Service Providers offering Unlimited Internet Plans for Home

  1. Unlimited Internet Plan by T-Mobile ($70)

This unlimited plan for your home may not look okay for your home considering the other ISPs in the list. However, it is one of the best internet deals that one can go at any given time. The biggest benefit with this home internet service provider is that their fee of $70 is everything you need to pay every month for unlimited usage. This means that all fees and taxes are inclusive in the said amount.

  1. Sprint Unlimited Data Plan ($60)

Sprint is among the top four major carriers. It is known for offering the lowest price for its unlimited internet data plans. Initially, Sprint had a data plan called “Unlimited Freedom plan”, however, it was withdrawn after some time. The company then replaced it with a new system which is referred to as the Unlimited Basic Plan. With a price of $60 (fees and taxes not included), this plan is said to be one of the cheapest internet plans in the market.

  1. Frontier Unlimited Internet Data Plan

Frontier is a fiber-optic internet services provider having its operations in seven states. Also, it is the only residential internet services provider that offers fiber-optic services in Oregon and Washington. Along with these plans, a router is also provided by Frontier at no extra cost. If you have average internet usage, you can go for the simple broadband plan of the company that offers 6Mbps speed for only $20 per month, making it the cheapest unlimited internet plan.

  1. MetroPCS Unlimited Internet Plan ($50)

MetroPCS is known for providing its customers with one of the top-unlimited plans in the market. This carrier is known for operating on a string T-Mobile network, however, the prices for its internet plan is only $50 (inclusive of all fees and taxes). In this plan, you can easily stream quality videos without worrying about the amount of data consumed.

  1. Verizon Go Unlimited Internet Data Plan ($75)

The unlimited data plan offered by Verizon is costlier than others in the market. This is because Verizon’s plan goes for $75 for an individual plan and is exclusive of fees and taxes. However, with the higher charges for this plan, you also get calling, texting, unlimited data, along with 4g coverage which is undoubtedly higher compared to other major carriers.

  1. Xfinity Unlimited Internet Data Plan

Xfinity is one of those ISP offering residential unlimited internet plans which is available in almost the entire country. While covering more than 40 states, it is heavily prevailing in Illinois, Maryland, and Utah. Xfinity is also known for offering an impressive speed of 150, 75, and 25 Mbps for its different plans. The highest offered by this reputed carrier is 2 Gbps in some parts of the continent. Xfinity is an ideal internet provider considering its plans vary from 10 Mbps to 2000 Mbps.

  1. AT&T Unlimited Internet Data Plan

The unlimited data and several other plans offered by AT&T are available at $70 for one line. This occurs when auto pay and paperless billing are enabled. Although, this cost is not inclusive of fees and taxes, it allows you to have access to AT&T’s network.

  1. Visible Unlimited Internet Plan

The unlimited plan of Boost Mobile was the carrier that held this position thanks to its offering of extra hotspot data which was available for the same price as MetroPCS. However,  the data plan from Visible appears to be a more applicable option for customers having a tight budget. And thus Visible’s Unlimited Internet Plan may be suitable for some users.

  1. Cox Unlimited Internet Data Plan

The maximum speed for a Cox is known for going up to 500 Mbps in some areas. This much of internet speed is more than sufficient for customers engaged in heavy internet usage like 4k video streaming, high-quality gaming, and heavy data sharing. The price at which internet plans are offered by Cox are quite competitive, however, the more you will be ready to pay for the services, the better the services you will get with uninterrupted downloading speed. What’s best about Cox services is that if you have a huge home and some of your rooms are not receiving proper WiFi signal, the company provide WiFi extenders that are known as Panoramic WiFi to help you get strong network in every corner of your space.

  1.  CenturyLink

Whether you are looking for a high-speed internet regardless of the price or searching for a budgeted internet plan, CenturyLink is capable of catering to customers of every budget. CenturyLink is also known for giving the option of a price guarantee that doesn’t require a contract. This means that the price you will pay per month will not go up until the continuity of the services. As these kinds of offer you may not find easily with most of the internet providers, you would want to go for CenturyLink if it suits your internet requirements.

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So, these are the different unlimited internet plans for home that you can select to meet your internet requirements at home.

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