Comparison of Centurylink Prism vs Comcast

Centurylink Prism vs Comcast

If you have the availability of both Centurylink Prism and Comcast internet service in your area, you might get in a dilemma of selecting one of them for your internet needs. While the information for both internet services is readily available on their official website, if you are looking for a comparison between them, you can refer to the information provided below.

Comparison of CenturyLink Prism and Comcast Internet

CenturyLink Prism Comcast
Type – Fiber Internet Type – Cable Internet
Price – $29.99 to $109.99 Per Month Price – $69.99 to $124.99 Per Month
Channel Count – More Than 260 Channels Channel Count – More Than 340 Channels
Contract – None Contract – 1 Year
Equipment Fees – $9.95 Per Month Equipment Fees – $9.99 Per Month
Installation Fee – Up to $50 Installation Fee – None


CenturyLink Prism vs Comcast – Pros and Cons

CenturyLink Prism


  • Reasonable Fiber Service
  • No Contracts
  • Price for Life


  • Poor Speeds Range



  • Fast, Reliable Speeds
  • Free Flex streaming Device/Service
  • xFi Advanced Gateway XB7 Modem/Router


  • Fees for No-Contract Plans

Deals and Promotions

Comcast is known for offering its customers (internet-only) a free streaming device/service known as Flex. The device/service is known for offering more than a hundred live TV channels and thousands of on-demand movies and shows from the on-demand library of Xfinity along with free streaming services such as Tubi, Pluto, and Xumo. Flex is compatible with streaming apps such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, while NBC Peacock and Hulu will be made available soon.

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On the other hand, CenturyLink provides a free modem and installation for new customers when they register for the Fiber Gigabit plan. The combined value of their plan is approximately $299 including modem and installation.

Cable vs Fiber

One of the things to note when comparing the CenturyLink Prism and Comcast Internet is that while Comcast is known for using the traditional cable technology to send its signal to your TV, on the other hand, CenturyLink has moved a step ahead to offer fiber optics. Comparing with conventional coaxial cables, Fiber connections tend to be more faster and reliable performance. Moreover, Fiber is also known for offering more potential bandwidth, which implies that the picture will remain crisp no matter the time and speed of the internet is being used for other activities like downloading and/or uploading.


While Comcast offers a vast on-demand library of approximately 70,000 titles, robust internet service with blazing fast speeds, contract-free, and reliable cable service. Also, Comcast providers a much better DVR compared to its competitor through its X1 system. However, it gets disinterested by a minor selection of channels and a reputation of being a poor customer service provider in the US. Even after that, Comcast has engaged customers towards its service through its reliable cable service with fast internet and no-contractual plan.

Coming to CenturyLink Prism, the service provider is appreciated for offering a broader range of channels, swift professional setup, and fiber internet with lightning speed (for certain markets). However, with CenturyLink Prism, there are two things to be considered. The first thing to be aware of is that CenturyLink Prism TV is available for select markets only. Excluding these areas, CenturyLink associates itself with DIRECTV to cater television services to the customer. The second thing to consider is that this service provider has significantly degraded in customer satisfaction survey and is counted among the lowest-ranked service provider when it comes to overall customer satisfaction (according to sources). Well, if you are living in the serviceable area of CenturyLink Prism where it offers Fiber internet, the provider offers an extensive range of channels, free installation, and unmatched speed. The Fiber plan from CenturyLink Prism can be ideal for those in need of the fastest internet speed.

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So, now you have gone through the comparison of CenturyLink Prism and Comcast, you can decide which internet service provider suits your requirements best.

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