Dish Network Packages That Fulfils Your Needs

DISH Network Packages and Featured TV plans to start at $59.99/month

DISH connects you to your favorite channels with affordable and budget-friendly TV packages. Add your premium channels, along with sports and international packs, for more entertainment.

More About DISH TV

  • Get a Two-year TV price guarantee
  • Easy to access as the service is available nationwide
  • 190 to 290+ channels with On-the-go watching with DISH Anywhere
  • Get 8,000+ free On Demand titles

Get DISH and internet service together

Avail of the benefits of DISH satellite TV packages plus internet plans from top providers, like Frontier, AT&T, Xfinity, Century Link, and more. DISH TV and internet bundle services pricing and available speeds will vary as per the availability of the provider and location. Call our DISH experts today for availability and pricing on DISH bundles in your area.

DISH and Internet Services

America’s Top 120 DISH TV package with Frontier internet services starting at $79.99/month

  • Have the authority to access 190 channels
  • Avail internet speed ranging up to 25 Mbps where available
  • Smart HD DVR and Voice Remote facility
  • Customize the package with add-on channels in your hands

Watch your favorite shows with the DISH Hopper3 DVR

The Hopper3 from DISH is one of the most powerful DVR devices accessed available out there. Available with any main DISH TV package eliminates recording conflicts for good.

Features of DISH Hopper3 DVR

  • Record more than 16 shows at once
  • Store up to 2,000 hours with Auto-skip commercials in selected primetime recordings
  • Search with Voice Remote
  • Find the remote with the Remote Finder button just with one click

A glimpse of DISH Network

You can surely rely on our expert team for accurate, up-to-date information about the leading TV, internet, and home phone providers across the United States. We research and present the key factors such as availability, pricing, package options, and customer satisfaction to help you choose the best services for your home.

DISH Network features

  • Availability – DISH satellite TV service is available to up to 99% of households in the U.S. In addition, DISH Anywhere lets you take all of your live channels and recorded content with you on your computer, smartphone, or tablet devices.
  • Pricing – Compared to other providers, DISH’s package is high in price. DISH does, however, offer a two-year price guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about major price changes just after just 12 months.
  • Channel selection – DISH offers the conventional favorite channels with every package, plus premium channels and extra sports networks with higher-tiered packages. Customers might find fewer exclusive channels and add-on options with DISH services.
  • Customer satisfaction – According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, DISH television services were higher than any cable company, and 2018’s score ranked higher than their biggest competitor, DIRECTV.

Features of DISH Network that stand out

  • Hopper3 HD DVR – Hopper3 is one of the most powerful DVR devices available in the market from any TV provider. The device lets you record up to 16 shows at once and store up to 2,000 hours of SD content with auto-skip commercials and other facilities.
  • DISH Anywhere – Watch live and On Demand programming on your access devices such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet. What sets the service apart from other TV service apps is the ability to stream all the live TV channels included with your DISH TV package.
  • Strong signal reliability – With DISH, you won’t have to sacrifice your reliable connection and picture quality. The company makes sure your connection is working at its peak and fulfills the criteria of 99% performance, so you can keep watching all your favorite shows uninterrupted.

How does DISH be better compared to other TV providers?

If you’re interested in satellite TV, DISH or DIRECTV are likely to provide you with the best options. We have done research on pricing, technology, channel lineups, and much more to show you how DISH and DIRECTV compare.

Cable TV services may also be available in your area from prominent providers such as Xfinity, Spectrum, or Cox. Additionally, you could have access to other TV service options such as Frontier FiOS or AT&T U-verse TV. Use our resources to learn more about TV providers in your area.

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