3 Ways To Fix “Verizon FiOS Internet Not Working”?

Verizon FiOS is a company that provides internet as well as phone  services. It has got the sheer speed with fiber-optic network services. It is among the prominent choice of many customers. Though the company provides excellent services you may sometime find an issue while getting the accurate speed or not being able to connect to the internet at all. Many times this problem can be dealt with just by unplugging the cable of the router and plugging it back in, in case It doesn’t work for you, you can simply follow the following steps:

It can be quite troublesome if you suddenly find your Verizon FiOS Internet to be not working. As the problem can be caused due to different reasons, it becomes even more annoying to overcome the problem. If you are also facing internet connectivity issues with your Verizon FiOS WiFi internet and looking for a solution to fix it, below you can find different workarounds that you can use to fix “Verizon FiOS Internet not working “ error.

Guide to Fix “Verizon FiOS Internet not Working” Issue

1) Reset Your Verizon Gateway Router

reset verizon gateway router

The first method that you can use to fix FiOS WiFi not working is to try resetting your Verizon Gateway Router. To do this, you will need to take a safety pin and insert it into the red reset hole located on the back of the gateway. Doing so will restore the gateway back to its factory settings.

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You will then need to wait for the gateway to restart before you try connecting to the WiFi network with your PC, Smartphone, or Tablet again. The tag located on the left-hand side will show the name and password of your network.

Now, you will need to try browsing to a random website to see if it opens normally or not. If the FiOS WiFi problem is caused because of your gateway, it should get fixed by resetting your router. In case, this doesn’t help you overcome the problem, it is suggested to call at 1 800 837 4966. The problem could be with the line outside your home which only the service provider would be able to fix. Another possible reason could be issued with your computer or smartphone.

Plug and Unplug Verizon Gateway Router

plug and unplugged verizon router

In case you are seeing No Internet Connection messages on your smartphone or tablet even when your device is connected to WiFi, you may have a Verizon Gateway Router problem. In such a case, it is suggested to consider unplugging your router and keep it this way for at least 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, you will need to connect back the Gateway to power again.

Then, wait for five minutes to let it start. After five minutes, you will need to try opening a random website on the browser of your Smartphone or Tablet through your WiFi. In case you still experience internet connection error on your device, try resetting your device as suggested earlier. Once the reset process gets completed, try browsing the internet on your Smartphone or Computer.

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Fixing Slow Internet Speed

slow internet speed

Experiencing slow internet speed is as frustrating as not having an internet connection at all. With slow internet speed, you may not be able to open even a webpage properly, so carrying out other internet related tasks can be even more time consuming or maybe not possible. In such a case, before doing anything else, it is necessary to ensure that no downloading process is running in the background, making your internet speed to decrease significantly.

Verizon is known for charging for different speeds, and the cheaper plans offered by the company don’t work when you are trying to download a huge file while other members of your family streaming from a video service at the same time. In case downloading and your internet plan is not the case for slow internet speed, considering resetting your router. To reset the router, you can follow the steps provided earlier.

So, these are the workarounds that you can follow to overcome the issues with Verizon FiOS Internet not working.

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