How to Speed up DSL Internet Connection – 10 Best Tips

dsl internet speed up

Wondering how to speed up DSL Internet connection and improve speed? Several factors can be blamed for your slow DSL Internet connection. Read on to know the tips and tricks to fix the errors and avail of yourself optimum Internet speed.

Originally Digital Subscriber Loop, DSL, now Digital Subscriber Line, is used to transfer or transmit digital data over telephone lines. The term DSL, in telecommunications marketing, means asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL). It is the most commonly installed DSL technology for internet access. When you opt for DSL Internet service and sign up for it, you actually choose a package that allows you to use a certain amount of bandwidth. Having a low bandwidth leads to a slow Internet connection, which also takes a lot of time to view websites.

So, what should you do to improve or speed up DSL Internet connection? This guide is all about fixing errors and improving Internet speed.

Fixing Errors to Speed up DSL Internet Connection

Here are a handful of fixers that you must contemplate trying.

  1. Contact DSL Provider to Do Speed Test:

    Before you try out other fixes, start with contacting your DSL Internet provider for a speed test. Ask them to do it from their end so that it becomes evident whether the slow Internet is from your end or theirs. The tech guys will fix the error if it is arising from their end. They will ensure the error is resolved and you have got the optimum speed.

  2. Run a Speed Test:

    You need to run a speed test if the problem is from your end. Since you are already skeptical about the speed, it no more remains ambiguous when you run a speed test. Numerous online sites like CNET, Speakeasy,, etc. offer you to run a free speed test. You get to know the current upload and download speed. When it becomes crystal clear that the error is from your end, go ahead with other solutions.

  3. Compare Speed with Your DSL Package:

    Get in touch with the customer service of your DSL provider if they don’t meet what they advertise or claim. For instance, if your ISP claims to offer 30 Mbps and your test results show 20 Mbps, they must fix this by sending a technician.

  4. Check for Viruses/ Malware:

    Malware and viruses can be fatal to your Internet speed as well. To make sure these deadly items are not troubling you, install the best antivirus software to not just remove the virus but also protect your computer. Also, you may think of running a registry cleaner. It can clear broken malware files and eventually speed up the Internet.

  5. Reduce Interference:

    Another potential reason for a slow DSL Internet connection could be device interference. When multiple devices are connected to the same router, the Internet speed is likely to get slow as the devices cause interference. To reduce interference, install DSL filters on each phone line. DSL filters can be procured from your ISP for free. Also, if the router is kept in a place surrounded by walls or other hard objects, you are not going to experience great speed. Consider placing it in a ventilated area.

  6. Use Internet Early in the Morning:

    This is a great time to make the most of your Internet speed. If you are someone who wakes up early, there couldn’t be a better time to exploit the enhanced Internet speed.

  7. Ask ISP for a new DSL Modem:

    If your modem is several years old and it has started showing errors, it is time to reach out to your Internet Service Provider for a brand new DSL modem. Doing this would enhance the speed.

  8. Combine Multiple Internet Connections:

    When your DSL connection offers a slow Internet speed, you should combine it with another connection.

  9. Invest in a Wireless Repeater:

    When placed between you and your router, a wireless repeater helps in extending the range of your router. This further helps in connecting to the DSL connection without internet drop.

  10. Embrace Ethernet:

    Doubtlessly, wireless connections are the most convenient way to access the Internet. Since everyone is using Wi-Fi these days, it might not showcase the greatest speed. When you want your Internet to offer you a better speed and the Wi-Fi at home doesn’t behave accordingly, embrace Ethernet. Cabled connections are always faster and reliable. You will enjoy the optimum speed without dropping as the cable gets the signal directly to your device instead of over-the-air transmissions.

Try these tips to speed up your DSL Internet connection!

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