Why Is My Download Speed So Slow When I Have Fast Internet?

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There can be several reasons that the speed of your internet may appear slow even when you have subscribed for a high-speed internet connection.  The reasons can be anything from issues with your modem or router, weak WiFi Signal, to other devices consuming the bandwidth, or having a slow DNS server. If your internet’s download speed is also slow even when you have a fast internet connection, you can overcome the problem by following the workarounds provided below.

Guide to Fix Slow Download Speed Issues With Your High-Speed Internet Connection

  1. Check If the Problem Is With your Device or Website You Are Using

When facing issues with the downloading speed on your high-speed internet connection, the first thing you will need to ensure is that the problem is not with the device you are using or the website you are accessing. To check that, you will need to connect your internet to multiple devices and websites. If the slow download speed is only with a particular device or website you are using for the downloading process, this means that the problem is with your device or browser. In such a case, if the problem is with the device you are using to download, you will need to use a different device; however, if the problem appears to be with the web browser you are downloading from, you will need to look for an alternative source to download the file or application you are looking to download.

  1. Test Your Internet Speed and Compare With Your Plan

Before you try to consider using the other workarounds, it is best to test the speed of your internet. There are numerous speed testing websites available online that you can use to check the speed. However, when testing the speed, make sure that no downloads, uploads, streaming, or heavy internet activity are going on. Once you get the readings of your internet speed on the website, you will need to compare it with the speed you are supposed to get for your internet plan. If the speed you tested appears to be lower than what your internet plan offers, you will need to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to resolve the issue.

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NOTE: Before contacting your ISP, it is best to check the speed of your internet on a couple of speed testing websites. This way you will be able to get a better idea of your internet speed.

  1. Restart Your Modem and Router

Just like computers, sometimes your modem and router can also get into a slow, bad, or overloaded state, which can lead to issues with speed and connectivity of your internet connection. In such a case, the best to overcome the problem is by rebooting your modem and router. To reboot them, all you will need to do is unplug the devices from their power source for at least 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, re-plug the wires to the power outlet and turn on your modem and router. Wait till the lights on your devices get stable and then check the speed of your internet.

  1. Check Your Wi-Fi Signal

While your internet connection must be working fine, however, if you are using Wi-Fi to connect your devices to the internet, the issues can be with it. One of the most common issues with a WiFi device can be that it is being congested by multiple devices, especially when you are on a 2.4 GHz connection instead of 5 GHz. As you might be having multiple devices being used by different members, you may want to switch to a 5 GHz connection to decongest your WiFi device. Another reason for the slow download speed of your high-speed internet connection can be the location of your WiFi device. Make sure that the location of your WiFi router is such that all your devices are receiving a complete signal. Also, it is suggested to ensure that your WiFi connection is password-protected; otherwise, your neighbors might take advantage of it, leaving you with a slow speed connection.

  1. Switch to Another DNS Servers

As the slow downloading speed issue with your internet connection can also be caused due to slow DNS server, it is suggested to consider switching your DNS server. As DNS servers are provided by your Internet Service Provider, you will need to contact them to get your DNS server checked and switched.

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So, these are the different workarounds that should help you fix issues with the slow downloading speed of your internet connection.

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