How to Fix ‘Download Speed Slow but Internet Fast’ Issue?

Download Speed Slow but Internet Fast

What would you do when you find out that your Internet speed is fast but the downloading speed is too slow? Obviously, you will go with your instincts and restart your computer, maybe. This is what the majority of people (the Internet users) would do. Sometimes, figuring out the underlying problem causing the slow connection can get tricky as many things can contribute to slow download speed, hence the complexity of the issue. Well, don’t worry! We would discuss some of the most possible reasons and fix the ‘download speed slow but Internet’ issue.

What Is Downloading Speed? Why Is Downloading Important?

Applications like YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, etc. require you to download data. Unless you have good download speed, which is at least 25 Mbps according to the Broadband Speed Guide from FCC (the Federal Communication Commission), you can’t use the above-mentioned applications and other services. Download speed basically refers to the Mbps per second (megabits) it takes your server to download data (images, texts, videos, and files) to your device.

This can be frustrating to have come across slow download speed. When this happens, check the number of Internet users and devices that are connected to the same Wi-Fi. There could be several factors manipulating your download speed. Let’s discover ways to increase your download speed.

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10 Proven Ways to Fix ‘Download Speed Slow but Internet Fast’

In this blog, you will learn all possible methods or ways to increase your download speed. Let’s get started –

  1. Restart Your Device:

    Start with the old school method – restart your computer. Although this sounds cliché, it is the ultimate way to fix any Internet issue. By restarting your device, many applications running in the background fix themselves. Or, there are too many browsers open at the same time that needs to be closed. In such cases, simply a restart would work. If the problem persists, dive into other methods below.

  2. What Is Your Internet Speed:

    Have you checked it recently? Maybe, it isn’t showing great speed. Run a speed test to know the amount of data your connection can transfer per second. If the results display slow Internet speed, you have got to fix it first. If the speed score is fast, the slow download speed has nothing to do with your Internet.

  3. Consider Upgrading Internet Speed:

    There’s nothing wrong with upgrading your Internet speed when the download speed is slow. It, however, depends on your ISP. The download speed is sometimes dependent on your Internet Service Provider as your Internet connection may not be able to manage large downloads. Upgrading your Internet speed with higher speeds might work when you have many people and devices using the same Internet.

  4. Disable Devices and See Any Improvement in Download Speed:

    Your download speed is likely to be slow if there are more people and devices connected to the same Internet. Try removing some devices or stop giving access to everyone and see if there’s any speed improvement. This should increase your download speed significantly.

  5. Replace Your Modem:

    If other devices need to be connected to your home’s Internet, consider replacing your modem or router. Go for a robust one that can handle the pressure. You may also like to change the Internet plan accordingly.

  6. Change Modem Location:

    Make sure you place your router in a well-ventilated place, not in a clumsy area. Because the location of your modem sometimes decides your download speed. The modem location should fetch a strong connectivity signal. Consider getting Wi-Fi extenders if you have a big house.

  7. Download One File at a Time:

    It is our natural tendency to click on all files download. Instead of that (when you know slow download speed) you should download one file at a time. The speed would be more, thus saving a lot of time.

  8. Disable Apps:

    Only disable applications or apps that are not being used. We don’t use all the apps that we have downloaded in the past. But their presence consumes a lot of data and takes up a good chunk of your bandwidth, thus slowing down the speed. You may temporarily disable them if you don’t want to get rid of them (knowing that you need them in the future).

  9. Use an Ethernet Cable:

    Connect an Ethernet cable to your computer and increase the download speed. When you do this, only your computer is connected to your Internet, which will surely deliver the fastest download speeds.

  10. Scan for Viruses and Clear Your Cache:

    You will agree that viruses can cause several issues. This may include your download speed issue, too. You may prefer installing antivirus software to prevent these viruses from ruining your speed and protect your device from various online threats. Apart from that, you should contemplate clearing the cache files. Go to your browser history and get rid of cached images & files, and other computer cookies. This should increase the download speeds. Clear these cookies and caches regularly for better download speeds.

Use these tips and tricks and you should be able to fix the download speed slow but Internet fast issue without a professional’s help.

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