List of Best Ethernet Cable for Xbox One

If you are looking to spend a significant amount of money for buying an Ethernet cable for your Xbox One and other Gaming setups, it is strongly recommended that you make sure you are purchasing a product that is not only reliable, reasonable, but also robust. To know about some of the best Ethernet cables that you can choose for your Xbox One, you can follow the list provided below. However, before going to the list, you may want to consider the two factor which is important when buying an Ethernet Cable – Length and Compatibility.

ethernet cabel xbox one

Length of Ethernet Cable: As the length of an Ethernet cable pose a direct impact on the speed of the connection, it is important to choose the right length for your setup. If you choose more than the required length for your Ethernet cable, it may make the signal quality poor, leading to reduced network performance and slow transfer rates. Therefore, it is recommended to always look for the shortest Ethernet cable, long enough to reach your Xbox One and other gaming setups.

Compatibility: Coming to compatibility, it is recommended to make sure that your Ethernet cable is fully compatible with your Xbox One. As most of the Ethernet cables are manufactured by an OEM (Original Equipment Provider) brand, you can choose the most compatible Ethernet cable for your Xbox One, without spending a lot of money.

Top 3 Ethernet Cable to Use for Xbox One

  1. The Mediabridge RJ45 Cat 6

TYPE: CAT6Incredible performanceNo significant advantages.
LENGTH: 25ftLightning fast 
GBPS:10Dude, it’s dirt cheap 
MHz: 550Connectors are easy to insert and remove 
COLOR: White  
QUALITY: Great  

With a length of 25ft, the Mediabridge RJ45 Cat 6 Ethernet cable is long enough to connect to your gaming setup, even though it is placed in another room. The cable has gold-plated connectors that help it offer a more reliable connection. With a capability of transferring 1000Mbps and pricing of $7 approximately, this is an ideal choice, especially for gaming setups like the Xbox One.  If you wish to get a shorter or longer size for this cable, the company is offering both.

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No matter if you use it for a longer duration, like playing games for long hours, streaming on Netflix, or downloaded a large size file, the cable is not going to disappoint at all.  Within a price bracket of $10, the Mediabridge is an amazing gaming Ethernet cable for your Xbox One.

  1. Importer520 Cat6 RJ45 50ft Ethernet Cable
TYPE: CAT6Great performanceNo major disadvantages
LENGTH: 25ftPretty long 
GBPS:10Dude, it’s dirt cheap 
MHz: 550  
COLOR: Blue  
QUALITY: Great  

The Importer 529 Cat 6 RJ45 Ethernet cable comes with a standard PVC jacket, male-to-male connector, and a snag-free design. The cable comes with an impressive 50 feet length, allowing you to easily connect one end of the cable in one room, and the other end in another room effortlessly. However, it is to be noted that the longer your cable is, the weaker the connection might get. Although, 50-foot cable shouldn’t cause many problems with the connection, however, you still would want to take that chance.

The Importer520 is an excellent gaming Ethernet cable to consider for Xbox one as it is a Cat6 Ethernet cable. If you consider from the durability perspective, a Cat6 Ethernet cable is recommended. Not only Xbox One, but this Ethernet cable is also compatible with PS4 Pro.

  1. DanYee Cat 7 Ethernet Cable
TYPE: CAT 7Gold platedNo major disadvantages
LENGTH: 26ftNylon braided 
GBPS:10Dude, it’s still dirt cheap 
MHz: 600CAT7 
COLOR: Blue  
QUALITY: Excellent  

DanYee Cat 7 Ethernet Cable comes with gold plated connectors, allowing faster and smoother data transmission. No matter which test you make this wire pass through, it is most likely to clear them at ease. Whether you test it for downloading, gaming connectivity, or any other thing, it is surely going to perform excellently.

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If you compare this cable to the Cat5e series, you will be surprised to know that the price of this cable is quite reasonable. So, if you are owning an Xbox One, DanYee Cat 7 is one of the ideal Ethernet cables to choose from.

So, these are some of the best Ethernet cables that you can use for your Xbox One and other gaming consoles.

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