How to Cancel Cox Cable But Keep Internet?

Cancel Cox Cable But Keep Internet

Whether it is due to budget, service, or any other reason, if you are thinking to cancel Cox cable but wish to continue with their internet service, you can follow the information provided below. However, like any service provider, Cox wouldn’t want to lose you, for which, they will try to do everything to keep you on board. Well, if you follow the below-mentioned instructions as suggested, you can expect to get your Cox cable canceled and keep internet service.

Guide to Cancel Cable but Keep Internet Service

If you have ever contacted Cox Communications earlier, you are most likely to be familiar with the series of different questions asked by the company via an automated voice system. Before you will get connected to a human representative from Cox, you will be prompted to provide account and billing information. And, when you will be able to reach someone in the customer care department of Cox, there will be additional questions for you to answer. Below are the series of steps that will help you cancel Cox cable and keep internet service.

Call Cox Communications

As Cox is known for not facilitating online terminations of their service, you will need to call Cox via phone. So, firstly call Cox and make proceed through the automated menu to connect to a customer care specialist of the retention department. The number for cancellation is (866) 961-0027

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To keep you on board, the retention department is the “last resort” for Cox. The representatives are trained to negotiate and make offers that would sound appealing. Therefore, it is suggested to make up your mind that nothing can persuade you from terminating the desired service.

Be Prepared With an Excuse

It is important to have a good excuse to ensure a successful service termination. The first question you are likely to be asked from the retention department is the reason for canceling the service. If you respond with a weak excuse, they will surely try to provide you with “workarounds.”

For example, if you respond that you are moving, they will immediately ask the location and begin checking if their services are available in the particular area. If available, they will persuade you with their sales pitch to keep you on board.

To avoid such a situation, you would want to give them an excuse which will be difficult for them to compel you to keep continuing with their services.

Be Polite and Firm

Remember that your main objective is to get the Cox Cable service terminated and keep the Internet part. So, it is important to be polite and friendly no matter how much they annoy you to keep using their service. It is necessary to keep in mind that you might be having the best excuse in the world, but the customer care executive may still be obligated by Cox Communications policies to persuade you to continue with their services.

They are most likely to offer you special promotions, deals, discounts, and incentives in order to change your mind. In such a case, be precise and clear that you simply don’t have any option to stay with them and that you need to get your Cox Cable service terminated.

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Get All the Termination Details

When you get to the conclusion of your termination call, make sure that you confirm all the details regarding the service termination. Nothing can be worse than conversing on the phone for an hour or so just to find out that your account is still operational, and that you again have to call Cox and repeat the entire process.

Therefore, it is important that you ask the representative in the retention department to assure that your cable service has been canceled successfully. Moreover, it is wise to ask if there is any equipment that you need to return.

Avoid Unreturned Equipment Fees

When you terminated any of the Cox Communication services including Cable service, you are requested to return equipment such as set-top boxes and other items. Failing to do so will result in a hefty charge. You must also know that in order to avoid unreturned equipment charges, make sure that all Cox Communications equipment is returned within ten calendar days.

Moreover, Cox may try to convince you to agree to “technician pickup, as this will allow them to charge you an extra $20 by unplugging your equipment and carrying them. Instead of going for a technician pickup service, below are some of the options that you may consider to avoid such charges.

  • Return to Retail Store
  • Return by Mail
  • UPS Drop Off

Once you are done returning the equipment, it is recommended that you contact Cox one last time to verify that your account is paid and no charge is remaining unpaid.

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So, these are the steps that you will need to follow to cancel Cox cable and keep the internet service.

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