What Channel Is MLB on DirecTV?

MLB, or Major League Baseball, is the most professional sports league in the history of the U.S.A. Consists of 30 member clubs from the United States and Canada, MLB is the oldest major professional sports league in the world.

What Channel Is MLB on DirecTV

With its ever-increasing popularity, dozens of networks promise to take the MLB games to the next level by reaching out to millions of fans.

DirecTV is home to everything Major League Baseball (MLB) – live telecasts, documentaries, post-match analysis, and reactions. If you already subscribe to DirecTV, let’s learn what channel is MLB on DirecTV and how to stream its popular shows.

DirecTV and Its Popular Packages

The MLB Network is a designated channel to air all the content related to Major League Baseball. DirecTV offers the MLB Network and other tons of channels in its packages.

DirecTV has mainly four packages – Entertainment, Choice, Ultimate, and Premier. Each package is available at different prices and offers a plethora of channels.

  • Entertainment Package: Monthly Plan starts at $64.99
  • Choice Package: Monthly Plan starts at $69.99
  • Ultimate Package: Monthly Plan starts at $84.99
  • Premier Package: Monthly Plan starts at $134.99

Below are the reasons DirecTV remains a top-notch choice for more than 18 million people –

  • Live TV streaming.
  • Tailored channel lineups for everyone.
  • With DVR, you can record and watch your favorite shows whenever you want.
  • Tons of channels at your disposal.
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Let’s Unearth What Channel Is MLB on DirecTV

The MLB Network is available on the CHOICE, ULTIMATE, and PREMIER packages. After subscribing to your preferred DirecTV package, you will be able to stream the MLB Network games on the big screen. Since each DirecTV package offers a plethora of channels, it will take a toll on you to navigate to your favorite channel, i.e., MLB. To help you find your preferred channel straight away, we urge you to check the following table.

Channel NameChannel Number on DirecTV
MLB Network (or, MLB)Channel Number 213

What Will You Watch on MLB

MLB is the 2nd-wealthiest professional sports league in the country after NFL. It is the best destination to watch live baseball videos and audio programs. If you are a big baseball fan and want to catch up on popular shows like MLB Tonight, MLB Central, Quick Pitch, and more, the MLB Network broadcasts them all.

  • MLB NOW: MLB Now is a popular show on MLB Network hosted by Brian Kenny. He hosts a one-hour panel discussion (live) and talks about everything about the game’s most recent trends and breaking news. It will feature perspectives from current and former players and managers, broadcasters, sabermetricians, and baseball journalists.
  • MLB Network Showcase: This program mainly features the best matchups throughout the regular season. It “produces in-house 26 non-exclusive live games a year.”
  • Intentional Talk: The longest-running talk show on MLB Network, Intentional Talk, depending on its nature, lasts for 30 minutes (during the offseason) and 1 hour (during the regular season). The show goes live from Monday to Friday at 4:00 ET. Kevin Millar and Stephen Nelson anchor the show.
  • Quick Pitch: If you miss a game and want to watch its highlights, tune into Quick Pitch. Depending on the season, you can catch the show at 1 A.M. and 8 P.M. ET every weeknight and every Sunday, respectively.
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The MLB Network is a perfect place to watch baseball-related content, such as breaking news, live TV, and more. DirecTV customers can access channel 213 to watch highlights, in-depth discussions, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have a DirecTV subscription. How can I watch MLB on DirecTV?

You can watch your favorite MLB shows like Quick Pitch, Intentional Talk, MLB Now, MLB Tonight, and MLB Central on channel 213.

How to watch MLB Extra Innings on DirecTV?

You need to activate MLB Extra Innings on DirecTV by sending a text. You can text MLB at 223-322.

What channel is the MLB All-Star Game on your favorite DirecTV?

Go to channel 213 to watch MLB All-Star game.

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