3 Steps To Install Spectrum Internet? Check Now

Offering the best-in-class bandwidth, Spectrum Internet is known for providing the fastest internet speed (starting) at a reasonable cost. Not only they have cost-effective plans but also provide a Free Antivirus program, Free modem, and no capping on data usage. Well, if you are looking to install Spectrum Internet at your home or office, you can do so easily on your own, without any need for a technician.

For this, all you need to do is that when you place an order online or through the store, you will be having the option to choose a Self-Install Kit instead of the one which requires installation through a technician. This way you will be able to install and configure your Spectrum internet yourself.

To know how to install Spectrum Internet on your own when you have the self-install kit, follow the step-by-step instructions provided below.

Guide to Install Spectrum Internet On your Own

  1. Connect your Modem

  • The first step in installing the spectrum internet is to connect your modem. For this, you will need to connect the one end of the coax cable to the cable outlet. Once you connect the one end of the coax cable to the cable outlet, you will then need to connect the other end to the port on the modem.

NOTE: If you are going to share this cable outlet with a Spectrum Receive for TV service, you will need to use a coax splitter.  A splitter is basically a device that is used to split a cable signal between two or more than two devices, considering that you have two coax cables to connect those devices. While a coax splitter allows you to connect your multiple devices, this is, however, to be noted that when you connect two or more devices with coax splitter, it weakens the signal level significantly. Not only this can lead to intermittent loss of service but also a complete failure of services.

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self install spectrum internet

Considering the consequences, it is recommended to connecting your modem or Spectrum Receive directly to a wall outlet instead of connecting them through a splitter. However, if you wish to go for a splitter, it is suggested to make sure that it is rated at 3.5 dBmV. You can find a correctly rated splitter included in the self-installation kit.

  • Next, you will need to connect the power cable to the modem. Once you connect the power cable to the modem, you will need to plug the other end into an electrical outlet.
  • After that, you will need to wait for 2 to 5 minutes to allow the modem to get connected to the network. When the Online status light on the front of the modem turns solid, you will know that the connections have been configured properly.
  1. Connect the Modem to Your Computer or WiFi Router

After following the instructions provided in the first step, you will need to connect the Ethernet cable to the modem. Once you connect the Ethernet cable to the modem, you will need to connect the other end to your computer or the internet port located at the back of your router.

  1. Activating the Equipment

Once you are done connecting the modem and setting up modem to computer or WiFi Router, you will need to activate the equipment. To activate the equipment, you will need to go to the activation website from your smartphone or computer. You can find the activation website listed in your Spectrum Internet self-installation kits instructions. Alternatively, you can call on 877 309 5869 if you are unable to access the website.

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NOTE: When you will call to activate your service, you may be directed to registration.rr.com the first time you access the internet. If you are directed to the registration.rr.com to accept service terms and conditions, you will need to select the Agree option and then follow the on-screen prompts.

So, these are the steps you will need to follow in order to install Spectrum internet in your home or office.

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