How to Get Local Channels Without Cable?

watch channel without cable

If you have given up on your cable thinking to save money during the COVID 19 Coronavirus breakout, however, still wish to get local channels, you would find the below-mentioned information useful.

Guide to Get Local Channels Without Cable

Most of the local channels are free over-the-air channels that can be accessed easily without a cable connection. These over-the-air channels generally include local and regional, news and sports content based on the location of your area. While during the day you will see local and news content, however, the primetime schedule for each channel will be the same across the country.  The below-mentioned guide will help you learn better as to how to get local channels without cable.

  1. Use Streaming Service to Watch Channels Without Cable

The easiest way to watch local channels without cable is by using the streaming services. Although getting local channels online can be difficult, with the availability of PBS, it is now becoming easier. Below are a couple of options that will help you watch your favorite local channels without cable.

Hulu With Live TV

Hulu is a great way to watch local channels online. The application offers more than 60 channels and local channels that are available in more locations compare with any other streaming services. The local options include ABC, NBC, FOX, CW, and CBS. Also, Hulu Live comprises Hulu on-demand, offering a 24/7 streaming service to watch all your favorite local and cable content.

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Fubo TV (Free Trial)

This is one of the best services offering local channels in the majority of locations. You can use fubo TV to stream popular channels like CBS, NBC, and FOX and watch your local NFL team playing live. However, if you are looking to stream ABC, unfortunately, fubo TV might disappoint as you as ABC can’t be streamed on fubo TV. Well if the absence of ABC doesn’t bother you, you can easily access this application on most major devices like Apple TV, Roku Chromecast, etc.

YouTube TV

YouTube is another excellent application to get local channels without cable. This Google application is known for offering local channels in more areas than any other streaming service. For $50, you can watch more than 70 channels. A free one-week trial is offered by YouTube which you can cancel anytime you like. Also, there is an on-demand library offered by YouTube along with cloud-DVR (unlimited space). YouTube can be streamed with Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, mobile device, and more.

  1. Use Antenna to Watch Channels Without Cable

If you live in a city or the suburbs, you can purchase a low-cost indoor TV antenna to catch over-the-air channels from PBS, FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, and other independent networks. There numerous antennas available in the market which are available for as low as $40. You just need to attach such antenna to the wall behind your TV set and you are done. However,  if this doesn’t help you get all of the channels with the antenna attached behind your TV, you can move your antenna closer to a window or place it higher up on the wall. Moreover, if you are residing in an area that is far from broadcast towers, instead of a digital antenna, you would want to go for an attic or outdoor antenna. They would help you get local channels without cable, however, you may have to spend an amount around $100.

  1. Choose Locast to Watch Channels Without Cable is a not-for-profit service known for streaming broadcast TV over the internet for free, however, donations are welcomed. What is a bit disappointing here is the fact that Locast is only available to viewers in 17 cities throughout the country.  You can visit the official website of Locast to know if your city is listed for the services.

  1. Network Applications to Watch Channels Without Cable

PBS, NBC, CBS, FOX, and ABC all have their dedicated free apps that allow you to watch select on-demand programs, however, live streaming is usually limited when you don’t have a pay-TV subscription. Depending on the application you are accessing, you may be able to watch the full episodes of your favorite shows the next day. If you are looking to watch local news, numerous local stations offer live streaming of their newscasts online for free.

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Advantages of Using Streaming Services to Watch Local Channels Without Cable

While cable connection surely offers you the best experience of watching your favorite content, however, the advantages of using streaming services to watch local channels without cable can’t be ignored.

Lower Price: This is one of the best things about streaming that may help you save around $100 or more depending on the cable charges you are asked to pay. While some apps are available for free, the other usually doesn’t cost more than $60 for a month.

Risk-Free Trial Offers: Most of the cable providers’ services are contract-based, but this is not the case with streaming service providers. Not only streaming services are contract-free but some of them also offer free-trials to experience their services. These trial-offers allows you to decide whether to buy that particular service or not.

Watch On-the-Go

With a cable connection, you cannot take your TV anywhere, however, with streaming service you can take all your content with you no matter if you are going to another room, walking in your locality, or traveling to someplace. Just install the app to your phone and watch your content whenever, from where you wish to.

More than a Live TV

Streaming services undoubtedly offer features beyond just live tv. Some of these features include:

  • Option to make user profiles if you share your account.
  • Add your favorite movie channels or modify your package with additional channels.
  • Availability of on-demand library.
  • Based on your channel line-up, you can use TV Everywhere apps.
  • The majority of services comprise a cloud-based DVR, some are upgradeable or offer unlimited space.
  • Option to stream on multiple devices simultaneously.
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So, now as you know how to get local channels without cable, you can make use of these methods and watch your favorite content at your convenience.

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