10 Best DSL Modem Router Combo in 2022

You may always feel confused while selecting a DSL Modem router combination for your home or office internet requirements. You may find some features of one Modem router brand and some features of others. All these comparisons and combinations may make things difficult for you in choosing the best DSL Modem Router combo as per your requirement. In this guide, you will find information on the 10 best DSL Modem router combo of 2020 that you can choose to meet your internet needs.


List of Top 10 DSL Modem Router Combo 2022

  1. Zoom Telephonics ADSL Modem Router 5790 – Compatible with Century Link
Zoom Telephonics ADSL Modem Router 5790

Zoom Telephonics is also a reliable networking company providing networking equipment at a reasonable cost. Their 5790 modem/router is provided to CenturyLink buyers on an ADSL network for less than $40. Although the N300 router functions satisfactorily on either connection, it’s not compatible with faster VDSL connections. While it is known for offering a good wireless range, however, its speed is affected by the limitation of this former DSL technology. Make sure to have a good idea of what this gateway offers when you have four non-gigabit Ethernet ports with an incorporated DSL line filter and standard firewall technology.


  • N300 wireless gives an appropriate range
  • Reasonable price
  • Incorporated DSL line filter.


  • It does not support VDSL
  • It has Non-gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • Low 24 Mbps maximum downstream speed
  1. ZyXEL C1100Z Wireless Gateway
zyxel modem

This Taiwanese equipment, ZyXEL is designed to robotically detect CenturyLink network setting configurations, making the configuration process a breeze. The C1100Z comes with a built-in phone jack to set up a handset effortlessly. Though this device lacks a USB port for NAS use, there are four Ethernet ports are also available. Moreover, you are most likely to use this device for its amazing wireless functionality and its potential for higher speeds from a VDSL2 line.

Fortunately, the C1100Z is compatible with TR-069 Remote Management, allowing you to enjoy easy remote problem-solving from CenturyLink when you run into any kind of common issue. If you think you can rely on your ISP for support when you run into any problem, then you shouldn’t be disappointed with CenturyLink branded devices like the ZyXEL C1100Z or the ActionTec C1000A.


  • WPS button for easily connecting new-fangled devices
  • VDSL2 compatible and ADSL2/2+ backward compatible
  • TR-069 Remote Management proffers undemanding tech support


  • The USB port is lacking
  • Auto-connect timeout control absent
  1. NETGEAR DM200 + RangeMax WNR2020v2 Bundle

If you are ready to spend around $100, you can easily get both a modem (VDSL2 and ADSL2/2+ backward compatible) and an N300 router. This combo can manage the requirements of many seasonal Internet users. This router comes with a WPS button and four non-gigabit Ethernet ports. It runs with the Netgear Genie app for an easy mobile configuration.

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  • VDSL2 compatible and ADSL2/2+ backward compatible
  • Reasonable price
  • Easier to upgrade when you move


  • Non-gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • Bonded ADSL or VDSL are not supported.
  1. D-Link Wireless N300 DSL Modem Router DSL-2740B – Portable Modem Router Combo
dsl 27400b modem

During the dominance of ADSL, D-Link was considered the top choice amongst networking brands. While in the present time, the brand somehow failed to deliver top-class networking gear, however, its DSL-2740B is still considered an excellent device.

This unit comes with an N300 router, which offers good service and coverage to a small-sized home. Its speeds are at par with the services it was developed. This compact device can be easily fitted to a DSL port, a phone port, and four non-gigabit Ethernet ports.


  • N300 wireless gives a good range
  • Phone port present, which is rare for this size.
  • Compact form factor


  • No USB port
  • Not compatible with VDSL
  • The Ethernet ports are Non-gigabit
  1. TRENDnet N300 Wireless TEW-722BRM Modem Router – Best Gaming Modem router
trendnet modem

The TEW-722BRM modem/router from TRENDnet is an easy take on an ADSL2+ gateway which is known for getting the job done for cheap. This device works not only works as a modem for high-to-low tier CenturyLink connections but also as an N300 router that is capable of supporting up to a normal-sized home. The wireless range of this device is supported by a MIMO antenna, and like any other device on this list, the device is safeguarded with several encryption selections. And yes, features like a guest network and parental controls are also offered with this device.

NOTE: MIMO is a radio antenna technology that uses multiple antennas at the transmitter end and receiver end for making way to various signal paths for carrying a huge amount of data in a manner that separate paths are selected for each antenna. This will allow multiple signal paths for our usage.


  • Affordable
  • The N300 wireless with MIMO antenna offers a solid range
  • Less power consumption.


  • Not attuned with VDSL.
  • Non-gigabit ethernet ports.
  • DSL filter necessitated for telephone services.
  1. NETGEAR N600 ASDL2+ Modem Router DGND3700
netgear n600

The Netgear N600 ASDL2+ Modem Router is another ideal device compatible with the earlier ADSL2+ standard. As this DSL standard’s maximum transfer speed is 24 Mbps, the DGND3700 wireless router is unable to leverage the higher performance of AC-band wireless. However, it does offer a solid N-band range at a reasonable price.

Special features

  • It comes with an in-line DSL filter to allow connectivity of a phone to the same port as its DSL line. It has four ethernet ports.
  • The DGND3700 comprises a dual-band N600 router, which provides a sufficient range in small to average-sized homes.
  • The configuration process is effortless thanks to Netgear’s free Genie app. Once your device gets configured with CenturyLink, you can easily connect your new gadgets to your network using the WPS button.
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  • Stress-free set up using the Netgear Genie app.
  • Included DSL line filter.
  • Dual-band N600 wireless offers a good range.


  • Non-compatible with VDSL
  • Low 24 Mbps which is maximum downstream speed
  1. Linksys X2000 Wireless Modem Router – Best for Home Usage
linksys x2000 modem

Linksys X2000 Wireless is another great product from Netgear which is useful for people looking for DSL Modem router combo for their home. This modem/router combo offers a balanced wireless range and is quite affordable when it comes to its price.

While the speed can be a bit issue as the modem portion of this device is not compatible with VDSL, the X2000 comes with a built-in N300 router, which is almost on par with rental gear offered by the ISPs. Credit to its implanted antenna, the range of this device is more than sufficient. Most importantly, what makes this router a great choice is its price.


  • N300 wireless with MIMO antenna offers a solid range
  • WPS button for straightforwardly connecting new devices
  • Inexpensive


  • Lacks any USB port
  • Non-gigabit ethernet ports
  • Not compatible with VDSL
  1. TP-Link Archer D7 AC1750 Modem Router – Best for Long-range coverage
archer ac1750

When it’s about the older ADSL2+ standard, transfer speed is not a big concern, as the highest rate at which signal can be sent to your home is generally 24 Mbps. While some of the low-end equipment is capable of attaining this speed at present as well, you may face trouble with average wireless coverage in your home. The Archer D7 from TP-Link is the appropriate solution for this.

The powerful AC signal of Archer D7 is perfect in covering your home entirely. Coming to its speed, this dual-band device is perfect for the setup it holds. However, to experience these higher speeds, you will need to make use of its four ethernet ports for VLAN. ForNAS targets, you will need to use its two USB ports. While the Archer D7 does not come with a phone port, it is integrated with a DSL line filter for connecting a phone line to the same DSL jack.

Comprising of a guest network, quick setup wizard software, and a built-in firewall, this device easily tops other devices of its class. Despite being a bit heavy, there are no major limitations in using the Archer D7. And yes remember that it only works on a less powerful ADSL2+ Internet.


  • Dual-band AC1750 wireless gives higher speeds and greater range
  • 2 USB ports for NAS or FTP
  • Incorporated DSL line filter


  • Colossal form factor
  • Not harmonious with VDSL
  • Low 24 Mbps maximum downstream speed
  1. NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 Modem Router D7000-100NAS – Good Range
netgear ac1900

Nighthawk series from Netgear is the speediest and most angular flagship device at present. Their D7000-100NAS is known for offering the exceptional functioning you can expect from a DSL modem router. Although this device is not on the CenturyLink approved list, it has been trusted by the majority of users to function satisfactorily on even the fastest CenturyLink networks. However, you will need to make sure that your service is not on a bonded VDSL line.

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The exclusive Beamforming technology of Netgear also helps in delivering the best wireless coverage all over your home. You can expect a reliable and fast wireless connection almost all over your place. The Nighthawk D7000 comes with a USB 3.0 port to connect a NAS device, which can also be synchronized with the ReadyCloud service. Moreover, this router is even compatible with OpenVPN for laid-back remote access.

About BeamForming Technology & MIMO Similarities And Differences

  • Beamforming technology involves the usage of transmitters and receivers that are used by MIMO (multiple-input, multiple-output) technology. The data is sent and received with the help of multiple antennas, helping in increasing the range overall.
  • The technology used in Beamforming is quite different from MIMO as the multiple dipole columns work together for forming a high signal, whereas MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) antennas break the high data rate signals into multiple lower data rate signals in Tx mode and get combined at the receiver end. This factor makes it obvious that the antenna designed for one method will not suit the other one.


  • Dual-band AC1900 wireless provides a very good range.
  • USB support with cloud service.
  • VDSL2 harmonious and ADSL2/2+ backward harmonious.


  • DSL filter necessitated for telephone services.
  • Bonded VDSL is not compatible.
  1. Best CenturyLink WIFI: ActionTec C1000A Modem Router Combo
actiontec c1000a

Don’t go to its generic and boxy appearance, this CenturyLink wireless gateway comes loaded with plenty of functional ports. It comprises both a DSL and phone port built right in, eliminating the requirement for an in-line DSL filter. It is both VDSL2 and ADSL2/2+ backward compatible, which means it will work with almost all DSL plans, regardless of the service your area offers.

Connecting new devices to your network can be as easygoing as the push of a button, this is made possible by a Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) button.

The C1000A comprises a USB port for network-attached storage (NAS) devices, and also includes four Ethernet ports for wired connections. It is capable of handling CenturyLink Internet speed up to 20 Mbps down and 40 Mbps up. If you wish to make it work with higher Internet speed, you’ll need something heftier than a 2-in-1 unit that uses N-band wireless for quicker Internet speeds.


  • VDSL2 compatible and ADSL2/2+ backward compatible
  • USB and phone support, provided by the ports.
  • The WPS button makes it easy to connect new devices.


  • N-band wireless restricts high-speed plans.

So, these are the top 10 DSL Modem router that you can use to meet your internet requirement. And remember that there are numerous wireless range extenders available in the market that you can use with your modem/router.

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