Why AT&T Internet Keeps Dropping? Check Now

att internet keep dropping

If AT&T internet connection keeps on dropping now and then, the reason is most likely to be electronic or physical interference. To know how to fix this infrequent loss of your connection to the Internet, consider checking for the following causes:

Guide to Fix Sporadic Internet Connection Problem

  1. Check Your Cordless Phones and Other Electronic Devices

One of the most common causes of sporadic Internet connectivity issues is a problem with your Cordless phone and other electronic devices. Cordless phone systems usually run at the same frequency as a networking router or DSL modem (2.4GHz). If you are facing connectivity issues with your AT&T internet, you would want to replace your cordless phone with something that functions at a different frequency.

  1. Large Objects and Electrical Equipment Interference

Large objects like TV, Electronic Devices, and Microwaves are known for causing interference with internet connectivity. Therefore, it is recommended to keep your DSL modem and wireless networking router free from such objects for better signal.

  1. Is your Neighbor Is on Same Frequency

You and your neighbor’s wireless networks might be functioning at the same frequency. If this is the case, you may want to consider changing the channel of your wireless router to other frequencies.

  1. Avoid Physical Obstructions

Physical obstructions like floors and walls can also lead to interference when the wireless signals have to go through them. In such a case, it is best to consider moving your DSL modem or wireless networking router to a location where it doesn’t have to pass through such obstructions. As frequent loss of your AT&T internet connection is usually caused by electronic or physical interference, you may wish to look for the following:

  • Phone Jack

The phone jack that you are using might be damaged or defective. In such a case, you would want to connect the modem to a different phone jack. If you find that unnecessary noise has gone, it means that the initial phone jack is defective and should be replaced immediately. Frequent connection dropping generally occurs due to electronic or physical interference.

  • Check The RJ-11 Phone Cord

The cored of the RJ-11 phone which connects your modem to the phone jack might have been damaged due to long use and might need a replacement. If the cord is more than 14 feet long, the signal is most likely to weaken significantly, resulting in infrequent loss of signals.

  • Check the DSL Filters

DSL Filters are important for all phone devices excluding the DSL modem. In case there are multiple phone line entering your home or office, you would want to consider installing a spate DSL filter for each line you have, even when it is not linked to your DSL equipment.

  • Phone Ringing Disconnects DSL Service

If you have noticed that your DSL service gets disconnected when your phone rings, the reason is most likely to be that there is a phone in your office which does not have a separate DSL filter installed between the wall jack and phone.

  • Check the Phone Wiring

Sometimes the inside wiring of the phone wiring might be damaged which may lead to infrequent dropping of DSL signal. In such a case, it is recommended to get your phone wiring inspected by a technician.

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In most of the cases, following the above-mentioned workarounds should help you fix the issues with your AT&T internet keeps dropping. However, if the problem persists even after considering these workarounds, you may want to contact AT&T for further assistance.

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