Does Ps4 Download Faster In Rest Mode?

According to the majority of reports provided from PS4 users, it has been found that games on PlayStation 4 downloading process were much faster when their console is in rest mode. While most of the users may agree with this fact, however, some users might have differences of opinions due to different reasons. To know whether PS4 actually downloads faster in rest mode, go through the information provided below.

Does PS4 ActuallyDownload Faster in Rest Mode?

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Although you may not get this recommendation from Sony that keeping your console in the rest mode helps you to download games faster, however, a lot of users have practically followed this process and admitted that there was a noticeable difference between download speeds in rest mode versus when they were using the console. This has made us believe that for the most part, Rest Mode appears to download games quicker.

Why Do the Games Download Faster in PS4 When in Rest Mode?

The reason to support this fact is that when your PlayStation 4 is in the rest mode, it does not require to be running background applications or using other network features or options. As these are suspended at this time, you are most likely to find that the download speeds improve as the console can utilize a significant part of its energy and brainpower into downloading the game.

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Ways to Increase Download Speeds

If you are using a WiFi internet connection to use your PlayStation 4, of course, you can significantly increase the download speeds using a wired Ethernet cable. In addition to this, you may also want to see the packages available from your Internet Service Provider with the best services and speeds.

Purchasing a New Router for Better Internet Speed

Yes, if you are looking to buying a new router, it may certainly help you to increase download speed, however, it is an investment that you would want to think about carefully. If you find your connection to be decent while playing online games and not experiencing any problem, you may not want to spend your money on an expensive gaming router only to make the downloading process for games quick on your PS 4. However, if money is not an issue, you can consider picking up a mesh router as it will provide reliable internet signals to all of your devices in every room of your house or office.

30 Mbps Sufficient or Not

It is generally recommended to have at least 30 Mbps of internet speed if you’re looking for a plan for regular internet use. However, you may need to go for less or more depending on the situation like working from home, if you stream a lot of HD videos, play online games, or if there are more than 4 people using the same internet connection.

Recommended Mbps Required

For an average home, a good internet speed can be of at least 25 Mbps of download speed and 3 Mbps of upload speed. While some people may find it sufficient, others may need more. However, usually, an internet plan with 25 Mbps is ideal for most people.

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Ideal WiFiSpeed to Have

An ideal internet speed that you can consider for your home is suggested to beequalto or more than 25 Mbps. These internet speeds are most likely to support most of the online activities that you may want to carry out. This includes HD video streaming, web browsing, online gaming, and downloading music.

How Quick is 500 Mbps Speed for an Internet Connection?

If you have a download speed of 500Mbps means that you can easily stream ultra-HD video on 20 devices at the same time without any kind of interruption. Similarly, you can download an HD movie in 1 minute.

How is an Internet Connection with 10 Mbps Speed?

If you have a 10 Megabits internet speed connection it will allow you to download 1.25 MB of data per second. This implies that you can download the data of 1.250 KB and 0.00125 GB per second. If you go for an internet plan with 10Mbps, you will be able to download a 1GB file within 14 minutes approximately.

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Is 10 Mbps Speed Fast?

An internet connection with 2-4 Mbps speed is sufficient if you are doing casual Web surfing like checking email. If you have an internet connection with 6-10 Mbps speed, it is surely going to provide an excellent Web surfing experience. This much speed is usually sufficient to stream a 1080p (high-definition) video. However, if you have an internet plan with 10-20 Mbps speed, you can expect your internet connection to be smoother, especially, if you want a reliable experience to stream content and/or carry out fast downloads.

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So, now as you know how PS4 can download games faster in rest mode, you may want to give it a try and seek if it really works in your case. However, it is recommended to try pausing other downloads or video streaming running side by side for a better experience.

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