How to Extend Wi-Fi Range to Resolve Weak Signal?

extend wifi range

Hardly a decade ago – access to the Internet wasn’t that smoother. Back then, you would look for a cable and plug it into your computer. People with a business had to go through all the mess. Ten years later, it looks much easier with plenty of Wi-Fi options available at your disposal. Be it your home or office, installing a Wi-Fi network transforms the work environment and creates the most convenient means for people to connect to the Internet. There’s a catch. Not all Wi-Fi service providers offer great Internet speed.

Low Wi-Fi signal is one of the biggest concerns. Amongst other reasons for a weak signal could be poor planning, new requirements, and inadequate signal. Hence, it is indispensable to extend the Wi-Fi range and boost the signal. This is what you will learn in this guide – how to extend Wi-Fi range to resolve a weak signal.

How to Extend Wi-Fi for Free?

When you don’t want to spend a dime but want to extend your Wi-Fi range, you may like to check the following options.

  • You Have Got to Analyze the Wi-Fi Signal: Without rushing for another router or investing in some other equipment, you must analyze your Wi-Fi signal. For instance, if you are residing in a building where others are also using Wi-Fi and have got their routers installed, the chances are that signals may overlap. You have to determine that whether you are competing with your neighbor (router) for the same channel.
  • Change Router Location: Maybe, you have kept your router in a place that fails to receive a good signal. Rather, opt for a central location that would be deprived of any kind of physical hurdles or obstructions like doors, walls, etc. Keeping the router in an enclosed place like a desk drawer or closet wouldn’t bring potential range. Moving your router from one bad place to a good place wouldn’t cost your fortune.
  • Update Router’s Firmware: If your router isn’t configured to update the firmware automatically, consider doing it manually from time to time to avail of yourself the best Wi-Fi signal. It, however, varies from router to router.
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Other Methods to Extend Wi-Fi Range

Don’t lose heart if the free methods didn’t work. There are other numerous ways that you must learn to extend your Wi-Fi range or signal. Check out some of the most effective methods to extend the Wi-Fi range.

  • Use a Wi-Fi Extender: When you pair your router with an extender, it would help extend or expand your coverage. Also, you would be able to get Wi-Fi wherever you want it – even in the remotest or hard-to-reach places. What are you waiting for? Say goodbye to dropped connections and dead zones with a Wi-Fi extender. Wi-Fi extenders come in varied styles and designs. Netgear is known to offer the best Wi-Fi extenders including Nighthawk AX8 WiFi Mesh Extender, Nighthawk X4S Tri-band WiFi Mesh Extender, and Dual-band WiFi Mesh Extender.

A Wi-Fi extender will offer complete Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home by connecting to your existing router and creating a different network (a separate name and security credentials).

  • Go for another Router: So, you are fed up with this router? Get another router and use it as a repeater to reach dead spots in the coverage area. If you feel the need, connect the two devices with one cable.

If you need a technical hand, contact your network provider or the router manufacturer.

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