How to Cancel Comcast Cable And Keep Internet?

Cancel Comcast Cable

If you are looking to cancel Comcast but wish to keep the internet service, be prepared for the task. Whether it is Comcast or any other service provider, no company would ever wish to let their customer go. So, before getting in touch with the Comcast team for the termination or modification of the services you are using, it is important to note that they are definitely going to compel you to drop the decision. The following guide to cancel Comcast cable and keep internet is suggested considering this fact. So, if you follow the below-mentioned suggestions, you are most likely to use Comcast’s internet service while doing away with its cable service.

Guide to Cancel Comcast Cable and Keep Internet

  1. Get in Touch With Comcast Retention at 1-800-XFINITY

To begin with, you will first need to call the retention department at 1 800 XFINITY. As there is no dedicated phone number for the retention department, you will need to call their main phone number – 1-800-XFINITY or 1-800-COMCAST. You can also find other phone numbers on the bill. Once the phone number gets connected, you will need to answer the menu by telling them that you wish to cancel the Cable part of the subscription you have taken.

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As their menus can be a bit confusing, it is recommended not to get discouraged. However, make sure that you don’t get directed to billing or technical support by the representative for concession or other solutions. Just stick to your decision of canceling the service.

If still you are directed to another person, make sure to confirm that he/she is with retention. In case the person is not from the retention department, ask them strictly to get transferred.

  1. Be Ready With An Excuse

As you get connected to the retention department, you will be prompted to provide the reason for the termination of the cable service. At this moment, you would want to give a reason which is feasible and acceptable. For example, you can say that your TV is no more working, or it’s a temporary suspension. Giving such excuses will compel them to let you cancel the Comcast cable subscription and keep the Internet services. However, if the reason for doing away with the Comcast cable is the price factor, you can give an excuse that you are getting a better deal from other service providers. This way you can expect Comcast to offer you a better deal which may let you continue with Comcast cable services along with the internet.


  1. Make Sure to Be Friendly and Firm

Being friendly and firm is one of the most important factors that you should consider. It is because the way you treat the representative when canceling the service will impact the process. Remember that Comcast will try everything from their books to keep continuing their service. They will try to change your mind by offering a better deal, if moving, they will also try to offer the option to move the service to your new place, they will also offer free channels and internet upgrades and home phone. They will try to assure you that you can get a better deal with a contract if you drop the idea of canceling Comcast cable service. Moreover, they will also try to arrange a callback and cancel it another day. In such scenarios, when you have decided to cancel the service, just politely say thanks and NO to the offers. Make sure to refuse politely and firmly that you wish to cancel, however, remember to be nice and polite when refusing.

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The Comcast representative that you are in communication with usually holds your fate. Depending on your convincing skills and the frame of mind, they can cancel your service right away or may just stop sending bills and keep charging you until you are contacted by collections. If your behavior with the retention representative is nice and polite, they will go for the cancellation on the right day and send out a collection box for the equipment. However, If you are rude, they can make the cancellation of the service almost an impossible task.

  1. Be Careful When Returning Comcast Equipment

Once your Comcast cable has been sent to the cancellation department, and you are asked to return the Comcast cable-related equipment, make sure to be careful. Not being able to return even a remote can cost you a lot.

Therefore, returning Comcast equipmentis itself a task that you should be careful of. No matter if you are returning a set-top box, adaptors, or justa remote, Comcast is going to charge you if you forget to return a single piece. Unreturned equipment fees are surely going to be a bane for any Comcast cord-cutter.

  1. Make Sure to Confirm the Cancellation

Your job doesn’t end when you have returned the equipment. You will need to make sure that the service has been terminated and no billing cycle is in the effect for your Comcast cable service. Generally, you will receive an email from Comcast that the service has been terminated from the said date. However, if you don’t receive any such email, make sure to contact Comcast to ensure that the service has been terminated.

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So, these are the steps that you will need to follow to cancel Comcast cable and keep the internet services.

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