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Be it for professional obligations or personal use, the Internet has become an essential part of everyone’s day to day life. One not only leverages it for official work, social networking, and streaming videos, but also for things like making your home smart,  driving a car with navigation, online education, eCommerce, and much more. However, to make the best of all the above-mentioned and other possible tasks, it is necessary that you have a good internet connection at your disposal. Well, if you are residing in Denver and looking to carry out a couple or all the above-mentioned things using the internet, you would want to know about the best internet service providers in Denver. In this guide, you will not only be provided information about the top internet providers in Denver but also you would be suggested to know how to choose from the different best ISPs.

List of Best Internet Service Provider in Denver



94% 140 Mbps  

·         The CenturyLink service is available to 93.95% of Denver.

·         CenturyLink users in Denver gets an average speed test of 161.23 Mbps.

·         CenturyLink is known for providing DSL service




47.1% 1000 Mbps  

·         CenturyLink provides high-speed fiber internet packages in Denver.

·         The internet package of CenturyLink service begins at $49.

·         CenturyLink is known for serving 41 zip codes in Denver at present.


Xfnity 98.2% 987 Mbps  

·         There are 5 high-speed internet plans through Xfinity in Denver.

·         The average speed of Xfinity is 234.55 Mbps.

·         Xfinity offers coverage to up to 41 zip codes in Denver.


Rise Broadband 53.6% 15 Mbps  

·         There is no data limit use posed by Rise Broadband.

·         Residents of Denver residents are provided access to Fixed wireless plans from Rise Broadband.


Viasat | Exede 100% 100 Mbps  

·         Viasat is known for using a satellite network.

·         Virasat has put no data limits on its internet plans in Denver.


HughesNet. 100% 25 Mbps  

·         HughesNet is known for providing a satellite network in Denver.

·         There is no capping on the internet plans offered by HughesNet in Denver.

·         The basic internet package of HughesNet starts at $49.99/month in Denver.


Aerux 76.9% 10 Mbps  

·         The broadband service offered by Aerux in Denver start at $99.

·         Aerux Broadband is known for providing internet access through fixed wireless technology


Directlink 41.5% 250 Mbps  

·         There are a total of 28 zip codes in Denver that DirectLink offers its broadband packages for.

·         The pricing of internet packages offered by DirectLink starts as low as $49.9.

·         DirectLink is known for providing fixed wireless internet packages in Denver.


Starry 28.5% 200 Mbps  

·         A total of 20 zip codes in Denver that Starry Internet offers its internet services to.

·         The internet plans of Starry Internet start at $50/month.

·         Starry Internet is known for providing fixed wireless packages in the Denver area.


Livewire Net 6.3% 10 Mbps  

·         LiveWire is offering its Internet services to 10 zip codes of Denver currently.

·         LiveWire provides internet access through Fixed wireless technology.


WiFiHood 4.4% 500 Mbps  

·         The monthly pricing for Verso Networks Internet packages varies from $39.95 to 99.95.

·         Verso Networks is known for providing its internet services to 21 zip codes in Denver at present.



Apart from the above-mentioned top internet service providers available in Denver, there are numerous other options available. While there 18 residential internet service providers active in Denver, a total of 36 internet service providers are available for business users in Denver. Although the above-mentioned information will help you know about the best ISPs of Denver, however, if the list still doesn’t help you determine the best ISP as per requirement, you may go through the information provided further. Below you will get information about ISPs in terms of speed offered, prices, data capping, bundle packages, and contracts.

List of Internet Providers in Denver offering Best Coverage

Internet Service Providers Internet Type Coverage
XFINITY from Comcast Cable 98.2%
CenturyLink DSL and Fiber DSL: 94% | Fiber: 47.1%
Aerux Broadband Fixed Wireless 76.8%
Rise Broadband Fixed Wireless 53.6%
Viasat Internet (formerly Exede) Satellite 100%
HughesNet Satellite 100%


Different Types of Internet Available in Denver

As there are different types of Internet available in Denver, it is suggested to know the difference between them. Below you can find the information about the different types of internet available to residents.

DSL: Short for Digital Subscriber Line, DSL is one of the most popular internet types available to users. While it is among the most common Internet type, the speed of DSL is usually suitable for only 1 or 2 people household with light internet usage.

Cable: If you wish to go for a faster speed than DSL, then it is best that you consider choosing cable internet. This is suggested because a cabled internet connection is capable of offering speed up to 940 Mbps.

Fiber-Optic: Fiber-Optic is the fastest and among the latest internet type available for users. Fiber-Optic is an excellent choice for users who need to spend a huge amount of data daily to carry meet their obligations. A Fiber-Optic plan usually has no data limit posed by internet service providers and are capable of offering 1000 Mbps speed.

Fixed Wireless: Fixed Wireless Internet Plans work by making use of the radio airwaves. The speed offered with Fixed Wireless can be compared to DSL and Satellite-based internet services.

Satellite: If you live in remote areas where you are unable to get access to wired internet or a high-speed fixed wireless internet, you can go for a satellite internet connection. This Internet Type is available to all residents, however, you should be able to install a dish on your roof or balcony with a clear line of sight to the sky.

Although you can easily find all these types of internet all over Denver, the coverage availability varies according to the Internet providers. So, you may or may not have access to all the types of internet services available in your area.

Finding the Cheapest Internet Service Provider in Denver

If you are looking for Internet Service Providers in Denver offering reliable services at the cheapest price, you may wish to go for DirectLink, CenturyLink, or Aerux Broadband. The list provided below shows the information on the best low-priced internet packages available in Denver by speed.

List of Reasonable Internet Plans in Denver (by Speed)

Internet Provider Internet Type Download Speed Coverage Regular Price Offers
CenturyLink DSL 15 Mbps 94% $49/Month $49/Month
Verso Networks Fixed Wireless 50 Mbps 4.4% $59.95/Month $59.95/Month
Xfinity from Comcast Cable 100 Mbps 98.2% $55/Month $34.99/Month
Xfinity From Comcast Cable 300 Mbps 98.2% $80/Month $64.99/Month
Xfinity from Comcast Cable 1000 Mbps 98.2% 100/Month $84.99/Month


Internet Speed Sufficient for Your Requirement

Denver is known for its diverse economy which includes large scale industries such as telecommunications, financial services, aerospace, healthcare, and more. The city is occupied by families, students, professionals looking for high-speed internet for entertainment, seeking information, sending large files, social networking, and more.

Considering the diversity of internet users in Denver, the ideal internet speed can be an important factor when choosing the best internet service provider in Denver. Well, the speed of the internet you need with your internet package mainly depends on the size of your household or business. If there are only one or two internet users in your home, using the service for streaming videos on one device and sending a couple of emails, an internet plan with 25 Mbps should be sufficient. However, for a family fond of online gaming, multiple streaming HD contents, and heavy data sharing, it is best to go for a 100 Mbps internet package. So, it all depends on the consumption and the number of users. Below you can find the information for recommended download speeds based on the different internet activities along with the list of the internet service providers in Denver that provide these speeds.

Recommended Internet Speed for Different Online Activities

Internet Service Providers Internet Activities Ideal Speed (Recommended)
  • CenturyLink
  • Rise Broadband
  • Viasat Internet (formerly Exede)
  • HughesNet
  • Aerux Broadband
  • DirectLink
  • Verso Networks
  • Basic web surfing
  • Video streaming on one device is ideal.
  • Low lag online gaming can be done.
  • Sufficient for 1-2 person home with light internet usage.

25+ Mbps

  • CenturyLink
  • XFINITY from Comcast
  • Rise Broadband
  • Viasat Internet (formerly Exede)
  • Aerux Broadband
  • Verso Networks
  • Competitive online gaming
  • Heavy video streaming
  • Video chat in high resolution
  • Lag-free online gaming
  • Smart homes compatible
  • Ideal for 4+ users household


100+ Mbps

  • CenturyLink
  • XFINITY from Comcast
  • Starry Internet
  • Verso Networks
  • 4K video streaming on multiple devices
  • Gigabit performance
  • Ideal for home and office use.
  • Ideal for 4+ user households with heavy internet usage.


1000+ Mbps


Which Internet Service Provider Offers the Fastest Internet Speed?

There are three reliable internet service providers in Denver which are known for offering the fastest internet plans with a speed up to 1000 Mbps. These ISPs include CenturyLink, Starry Internet, and Xfinity from Comcast.

Comparing the Best Internet Service Providers in Denver

In order to determine the best internet service provider in Denver for your home or business, you would want to consider the following factors.

  • Price: Whether you are a business person or a student at Denver University or school, you would want to have a budget for your monthly internet bill. So, make sure to compare the prices of different internet services you consider choosing from.
  • Speed: The speed f your internet depends on the number of people in your house or business organization and for what types of things they use the internet for will help you to determine the speed of the internet you require. There are multiple ISPs offering plans with different internet speeds.
  • Data Caps: Some of the ISPs in Denver pose a limit on the data for their packages. However, there are some ISPs that offer plans with no capping on data. So you will need to decide whether you need an unlimited plan or a data capping to meet your requirement. This also depends on the types of things you use your internet for.
  • Contracts: While contractual based plans offer good pricing, however, if you are not sure whether you will be in Denver for a couple of weeks or more than one year, it is best to consider a provider with contract-free packages.

Installation Charges in Denver

In order to set up the internet for the first time use, you will either need to look for professional assistance or go for self-installation. Some ISPs offer both types of options. Without a doubt, the self-installation option is quite cheaper and is even free in certain cases. A professional installation cost in Denver range depending on the ISP and location of your property.

Data Required for Your Home or Business Internet in Denver

Whether you are an online gamer, a work-from-home professional, a student, or an artist, you would want to have an internet plan with a lot of data. In such a case, you would want to go for XFINITY from Comcast as it offers internet plans to Denver residents with data caps of a minimum of 1 TB. Generally, a 1 TB data plan is sufficient for a regular household. In case you wish to go for a plan with unlimited data, Viasat Internet (earlier Exede) can be an ideal option.

Things to Consider When Moving to Denver

If you are shifting to Denver and you already satisfied with your current internet provider, it is suggested to see if that provider is available at your new address. If that is the case, you might be able to get your service transferred to a new address and avoid early termination charges. However, if the ISP is not available in your new location or you want to go for a new provider, you’ll need to have a budget for early termination charges.

Moreover, if you are not going to be for a longer duration in Denver, it is recommended to look for an internet package with a monthly contract. In such a case, it is best to opt for CenturyLink as it is not only the city’s main providers but also offers contract-free plans.

So, these are the different internet service providers available in Denver that you can consider using the information provided above.

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