Avail the Best Mediacom high-speed internet near you

Mediacom Internet packages start with just $29.99/month

Mediacom provides affordable and budget-friendly internet plans for you. Hence the service made you enjoy fast home Wi-Fi hotspots at a great price.

More About Mediacom internet service

  • Enjoy the best Cable internet connection at your location
  • The service is available for 2.3% population of the U.S. region, according to the FCC reports
  • Seek unlimited speeds ranging from 60 Mbps up to 1,000 Mbps in selected locations
  • Secure the rating of 53/100 from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) in the year 2018

Enjoy the bunch of joy with the Mediacom bundle

Search out internet, TV, and home phone packages with the fastest internet speeds. In addition, with the Medicom services, all your favorite channels and suitable home phone features are presented on a single platform.

Mediacom Triple Play bundles provide internet, TV, and home phone services starting at just $69.98/month.

What do you get?

  • Resemble downloading speed starts from at 60 Mbps where available
  • 170+ channels with free On-Demand programming
  • Secure unlimited nationwide calling

*Pricing of the plan per month plus taxes for the length of the contract. Additional fees along with the terms and conditions may apply. The pricing range varies by location and availability, while all the prices are subject to change at any time.

Meet and fulfill your match by choosing Mediacom TV packages

Mediacom gives you the on-demand channel options that you have been looking for. Whether you want to watch the latest movies on your on-demand channel list or put on cartoons for the kids, you can easily find a customizable cable and TV package that suits your family requirement and fits into your budget.

Quick Glance About Mediacom TV Services

  • Available channel packages offering ranging from 50+ to 270+ channels
  • Record up to six shows at once and secure up to 150 hours of HD programming with TiVo® DVR
  • Access thousands of free On Demand titles with mobility services to watch movies without any internet loading

Add on a Mediacom phone plan to stay in touch with your loved ones

More than 12 phone features, unlimited nationwide calling along with competitive international calling option that lets you connect with your friends and family all over the world.

Mediacom internet, phone, and TV packages

  • Call across local and long-distance locations with Unlimited Nationwide Calling
  • With more than 67 international call options, you can easily get an option to customize your phone plan with WorldTalk
  • Preview incoming calls with digital TV and phone integration

Have a quick glimpse at Mediacom Services

Allconnect® partners directly work with major internet and TV providers that will facilitate its users to find the best internet, TV, and phone deals in your residential area. Here at Mediacom Services, you get an opportunity to shop smart, so we help you compare providers and plans available near you.

How do Mediacom services better than other providers?

Here we have taken across several factors that determine our take.

  • Accessibility and Availability – Mediacom dominates the market by proving its services in 22 states. However, serviceability is primarily located in small towns, rural areas, and suburban regions.
  • Pricing – The pricing range of Mediacom DSL internet starts at a comparable and affordable range for up to 60 Mbps, which is similar to other providers’ starting plans. On the other hand, the cost of faster speeds, including 100 Mbps or 500 Mbps, is slightly higher than other providers’ prices at comparable speeds.
  • Internet speed – Mediacom services offer a faster internet speed which starts in the range of 100 Mbps, 200 Mbps, 500 Mbps, and 1,000 Mbps where available.
  • Customer satisfaction – As per the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), Mediacom internet scored 53/100 in 2018.

What sets Mediacom Internet Services Apart?

Here you get the following opportunities:

  • Avail 90-day satisfaction guarantee – If you are discontented and facing technical faults that go unresolved, you can disconnect your services anytime within the first 90 days with no early termination fees.
  • Small towns, big investment – Where many internet providers don’t offer faster internet speeds in rural regions, Mediacom spent their investment in gigabit broadband technology to provide a faster internet experience to their many small-town customers.
  • Xtream WiFi 360 – Mediacom’s Wi-Fi extender known as “the Xtream WiFi 360” offers greater coverage services throughout your intact house with professional installation and continued service.

How do Mediacom services compare to other providers?

Depending on the area where you live, you may have multiple providers with different service plans. When considering Mediacom, an impartial internet plan or a basic TV, internet, or phone bundle could be a great deal for you.

So, if you are interested and want to shop internet, TV and home phone plans available near you? Use our toll-free number to get in touch with our experts that help you to find the best local services within your price range.

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