List of Top 5 Suddenlink Compatible Modems

If you have newly become a Suddenlink customer, you have the option to either go for the modem that comes along with other equipment from Suddenlink, or you can use your own modem. While using a modem provided by Suddenlink, you can get technical support and equipment replacement in case a severe malfunction occurs or you need up-gradation to your cable modem. However, if you still wish to use your own modem to use with Suddenlink equipment, you can consider choosing one of the following Suddenlink compatible modems.

List of Top 5 Suddenlink Compatible Modems

  1. Motorola MB8600 Modem

If you are subscribed to the 1 Gig service pack of Suddenlink Motorola MB8600 is an ideal modem for you. This future-ready DOCSIS 3.1 modem is fully compatible with Suddenlink as it can easily handle gigabit download and upload speeds without any sort of interruption.

  • DOCSIS 3.1 Technology
  • 32 x 8Downstream/Upstream
  • Up to 3.8GbpsMax Data Speeds
  • No Modem-Router Combo
Perfect for combating network congestion Solitary Ethernet port
Brilliant structure Not compatible with Fiber ISPs
10 status-reporting lights
Multi-router compatibility
Almost zero gaming latency


  1. Arris Surfboard SB6190

If you are interested in a mid-range modem, the Arris SB6190 is one of the best options to consider for your Suddenlink connection. This modem is better compared to others it doesn’t invest in the DOCSIS 3.1 Technology to ensure its future durability and instead focusing primarily on offering 32 downstream channels for covering most speed-specific ambiguities.

  • DOCSIS 3.0Technology
  • 32 x 8Downstream/Upstream
  • Up to 2Gbps Max Data Speeds
  • Modem-Router Combo Not Available
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Compatible with several routers Doesn’t completely justify the Gig internet plan
4 LEDs No voice support
Minimal gaming latency
No Overkill features


  1. Netgear C7000

While Netgear CM1000 could have been a compatible Suddenlink 1 Gig Plan if you are using it, however, due to unknown reasons, you may face a couple of connectivity and speed issues with it. Instead of CM1000, you can consider going for C7000. You may think of Netgear C7000 as a mid-range modem-router combo in the first look, however, it surely lives up to the expectations that you would have from a mid-tier and perhaps high-end Suddenlink internet plans.

  • DOCSIS 3.0Technology
  • 24 x 8Downstream/Upstream
  • Up to 1.9GbpsMax Data Speeds
  • Modem-Router Combo Available
4 Gig Ethernet slotsare available Not fit for high-speed internet plans
Comes with MU-MIMO support Heavier than it appears
Can be managed easily using the Netgear app
Beamforming+ support


  1. Netgear CM700

Considering the innovative design, five LEDs, supporting stand, and of course utter compatibility with almost all types of router available in the retail place, Netgear CM700 is a perfect alternative to the modem provider by Suddenlink with their plan. Moreover, if you are looking for a standard modem for the 4000 Mbps Suddenlink Internet plan, this product is the most appropriate recommendation.

  • DOCSIS 3.0Technology
  • 32 x 8Downstream/Upstream
  • Up to 1.4GbpsMax Data Speeds
  • Modem-Router Combo Not Available
Zero heating problems Slightly underwhelming for Gig based connections
Aesthetic and stable form factor Only one Ethernet port is made available
Compatible with multiple Suddenlink packages
Highest possible  number of downstream and upstream channels available
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  1. Motorola MB7621

If you are looking for an appealing, standalone modem for using it with your Suddenlink router,  Motorola MB7621 is the modem you would want to invest in. Although you would find the specifications of this modem to be similar to other mid-range products, it still performs much better than the previous MB7420, which is known for featuring 16 downstream channels as compared to 24 on the modem MB7621.

  • DOCSIS 3.0Technology
  • 16 x 4Downstream/Upstream
  • Up to 1GbpsMax Data Speeds
  • Modem-Router Combo Not Available
Great aesthetics Doesn’t offer Voice support
24 downstream channels for offering faster data access Only one Ethernet port is made available
High-bandwidth transmission supported via wired connections
Comes with surge protection


So, these are some of the 5 best Suddenlink compatible modems that you can use with your Suddenlink router to get the best output from your internet plan.

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