7 Troubleshooting Tips: iPad Won’t Connect to Internet But Wi-Fi Works

ipad wont connect to internet

You have tried your hands at several troubleshooting tips, still, your iPad won’t connect to the Internet but Wi-Fi works? It could be an issue from an app or software. Whatever the reasons are, we have got you covered in this guide. Go through the seven (7) troubleshooting tips to fix the Internet issue on your iPad.

iPad Won’t Connect to Internet But Wi-Fi Works – Check Troubleshooting Tips

The following troubleshooting tips will apply to iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

  1. Stay within Range: One of the reasons why your Wi-Fi says connected but not able to access the Internet is your iPad is not within the range. Make sure that your Wi-Fi router is on and you are not too far from it. The signal would be weak.
  2. Do You See Your Network: Before starting this troubleshooting method, you need to make sure your router is ON. Now, you need to unlock your Apple device and access the “Settings” option. From there, select “Wi-Fi Network (Unsecured Network)” and ensure it is Toggled On. You can then tap the name of your network to join. If you see a blue checkmark, you are connected. Turn on Auto-Join if you see the Auto-Join option disabled. It should be under your Wi-Fi network name. That’s it! You have fixed the error.
  3. Enter Your Wi-Fi Password: While trying to access the Internet if you are prompted to enter the Wi-Fi password, enter the same. It might get you the message “unable to join the network”. Or, you might see an “incorrect password” message if after entering the correct password. In this case, you should restart your device. After restarting, if it prompts you to enter the password, enter the same. It should get rid of the ongoing issues. You should be able to access the Internet connection on your iPad.
  4. Check Your Wi-Fi Network and Look for Issues: You are still not able to access the Internet even after trying out the above-mentioned steps, look for any issues with your Wi-Fi network. If there’s an issue, iOS would fetch you that immediately. Under the name of the Wi-Fi network, it might show you a Wi-Fi recommendation that you are connected to. If it shows “No Internet Connection”, tap the Wi-Fi network to get more information.
  5. Inspect Cables and Connections: Sometimes it is not always your ISP’s fault. Your cables and connections can be blamed. Make sure the Wi-Fi router is turned on and connected to the modem. Now check whether it fixes the Internet issue.
  6. You Need to Restart Your iPad Device: Let’s try this! You can restart your device by pressing the volume up or down button. It will show you the power off slider. You need to drag the slide. Wait for a few moments (30 seconds) and your device will turn off. Again, press and hold the top button to turn your iPad back on. After that, you may be persuaded to restart other devices like the router and DSL modem. Simply unplug it and plug it back in. Now check if it has resolved the issue.
  7. Reset Your Network Settings: If you still can’t connect, you can reset your network settings. Here’s how you can do that – go to “Settings”, navigate to “General”, select “Reset”, then “Reset Network Settings”.
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If you still need a hand, contact your Internet service provider.

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